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  • mudder
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    quote:Originally posted by Stytooner

    quote:Originally posted by mudder

    quote:Originally posted by Stytooner

    Your rapid production schedule seems to be working well, Scott. They look great. I think there may be one flaw in your schedule, though. Don't you have a delivery of a mini-lathe scheduled?
    Why yes,

    As a matter of fact it is scheduled for tomorrow. But with the holidays and phase 2 of the turning center ramping up, I don't think I'll have time to open the box till after the new year.

    Do you mean to sit there and tell me that you are gonna be able to sleep with an un-opened mini-lathe in the shop? Man! You have far more will power than I do.

    It arrived today! What do you know, UPS was a day early. I checked it out to be sure everything was there and in is now nested in the shop with my Jet VS Mini lathe, my Delta 1" x 42" belt sander, and my Jet dust collector. All opened to make sure nothing is broken and put away to wait till the turning center is completed. I was impressed with the Cummins lathe, Only thing i was not impressed with was those cheap turning tools they sent. Oh well, I'll get some good ones soon.



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      Very nice, Scott! Great selection of colors!