Peppermill Detail

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  • Lonnie in Orlando
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    • May 2003
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    Peppermill Detail

    I discovered this by accident. It is a little detail that will be seen only by the recepient, but it gives the mill more refined look. And it only takes a minute.

    (Woodcraft peppermill kit) Sand the exposed side of the aluminum "Shaft Drive Plate" with 600 or finer paper. Then buff with a Scotchbright pad. Sand and buff in one direction. This removes scratches and dings, and creates a smooth satin finish.

    I countersink the plate to stand slightly proud of the tennon.

    - Lonnie
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  • Mort
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    • Dec 2003
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    Nice touch Lonnie. I too recess the drive plate in the tenon. Will give the satin look to the exposed plate.

    Suggestion for mechanisms - Chef Specialties
    has the 4" kit for $4.50 as compared to Woodcraft at $13.50. Other sizes are priced accordingly.
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