I found some rare-earth magnets! Woo-hoo!

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  • bmyers
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    • Jun 2003
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    I found some rare-earth magnets! Woo-hoo!

    My thanks to Scottydont (fka scott) for the rare-earth magnet idea to mount my dust hood to my lathe.

    I found some in my hobby room that I'm almost sure are rare-earth magnets. My question is, how do you get them apart once you get a N and a S all snuggled up to each other?

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  • Scottydont
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    • Aug 2003
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    • Edmonds, WA, USA.
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    Heh-he-heh! Some of those are strong enough you'ld just about hurt yourself getting them apart.
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    • RodKirby
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      • Dec 2002
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      • Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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      These are actually "better" than regular rare earth - MUCH stronger!
      Very fast shipping - to Oz at least

      Downunder ... 1" = 25.4mm


      • scmhogg
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        • Jan 2003
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        • Simi Valley, CA, USA.
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        Put on safety glasses and try to slide them apart. Be careful. Those little magnets can be nasty. If they collide from a very short distance they can shatter with a spray of very sharp shards. They can also deliver a nasty pinch if your skin gets between them. I was showing someone how they are strong enough to stick on either side of my finger. Well, one slipped to the side and took a 1/4" piece of skin off my finger. It bled profusely. It really hurt when my friend wouldn't stop laughing.

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        • BobSch
          • Aug 2004
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          • Minneapolis, MN, USA.
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          If you have some old PC hard drives sitting around and don't mind doing a little demolition, there's two very powerful magnets used for head positioning in each drive. They're mounted on a threaded piece of steel that's in the shape of an arc (at least the ones I've been scavenging) and have raised several blood blisters already.

          But they ARE cheap!

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