Where does the time go?

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  • kwgeorge
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    • Jan 2004
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    • Alvin, TX, USA.

    Where does the time go?

    You know I have been thinking that I have never actually told you guys what I do for a real living. We all know it is not woodturning. Basically I am an Integrator, does not mater if it is software or hardware or even networking. I figure out ways for technology to play nice for one of the top companies in the US. There are others like me in the company doing basically the same thing in different geographical areas. In any case the thing is that when the problem finally get to me it is costing about a bazillion dollars for every minute it don’t work and there are many people sitting around not working and getting paid due to this issue whatever it may be. I have to think a lot and solve problems on the fly. It can be extremely stressful and mind numbing.

    One of the reasons I love woodturning so much is that it consumes enough of my mental capacity to where I have to pay attention to what I am doing but not so much as to consume me. I find it very relaxing as I suppose some people find fishing and the like. The problem is that sometimes thoughts enter my mind that is not complexed but rather just my mind wandering. Today would have to enter into that category as I was doing some sanding and thinking about my basic turning. I have no formal training other than videos and books and the occasional show on TV. I also have depended a lot on information gathered on the Internet. I was thinking that most of my most basic box making techniques comes from watching Richard Raffan so I tend to call my self a Raffanist. Now I also like Chris Scott whose methods differ just a bit from Raffan so I was thinking that if I had seen him first and followed his techniques would I then be “Scottish”? [)]

    I know, my wife threw her book she was reading at me when I asked her this question. Good thing everyone is to far away to hit me! [B)]

    Anyhow on with the projects, I had a piece of wood that I picked up that looked like it had potential so I thought I would tackle it this morning. It was labeled Chicarella when I bought it. I was sitting there looking at this piece and it was just crying to become a bowl! I know I don’t do very many bowls but sometimes the wood just knows what it wants to be. Here is a small bowl with foot.

    Face View;

    Inside View;

    Now the main event. I spent a total of 6 hours on this one box. It is made from Macassar Ebony with a very small Pink Ivory finial. This stuff is very pretty but extremely irritating to breath. I had to wear a respirator the entire time I was working it.

    The box is 5-1/2” tall with the finial. The finial itself is 1-3/16” and is less than 1/16” at its thinnest point. The box is 2” at its widest point.

    This is an inside view that shows the lid hollowed to its form. (Sorry about the flash ring I am working on that with different lights coming)

    Anyhow thanks for having a look and comments are always welcome.
  • mudder
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    • Jul 2003
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    quote:Originally posted by kwgeorge

    Anyhow thanks for having a look and comments are always welcome.
    Hey Hump!

    Stop huffing the finishing fumes, they're making you nutty. [8)]

    The guy's name is STOTT! Like in Chris Stott? My name is Scott.

    So............ Would you not be Stottish?


    P.S. You suck! (nice turnings btw) [}]


    • kwgeorge
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      • Jan 2004
      • 1419
      • Alvin, TX, USA.

      Well I'll be! Your right! all this time I thought it was Scott! dang.


      • boblon
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        • Aug 2003
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        • Florida, USA.

        Two beautiful projects Ken. The finishes look amazing.

        I need to work on my finishing. I have never really liked the finishing part of building things. At least the finishing goes quicker on the lathe.........hmmm....maybe that's part of my problem. Oh well.....

        Beautiful work.

        "Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from poor judgement."