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  • kwgeorge
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    I picked up some wood while at Woodcraft today and they got in some Macassar Ebony which I have been really wanting to try. It is pretty expensive stuff as a 2-1/2 X 2-1/2 X 2 piece set me back $30 but I have plans for it. I decided to go ahead and make a box. It is really hard and dense and the wood comes off as fine powder and very small chips while roughing.

    The thing was, as soon as I made about 3 passes the dust hit me. Wow! It was like I imagine getting hit in the face with pepper spray would be! My nose started to feel like it was on fire and my throat was burning. I had the dust collector on and the air filter on but normally only were a dust mask when sanding. Well that is not going to work with this wood I am going to have to wear my respirator with micron filters!

    The internet says the dust is an Irritant, what an understatement!