Hollow Vessel -- 1st attempt

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  • guycox
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    • Dec 2003
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    • Romulak, VA, USA.

    Hollow Vessel -- 1st attempt

    Saturday I spent my birthday gift certificate on a Sorby Gooseneck Hollowing tool.

    Needless to say, the first attempt at a hollow vessel was NOT an resounding success. Can anyone recommend an on-line tutorial?

    I couple of things I've learned.

    1) Don't push your luck by trying a hollow vessel from spalted wood with a tiny entrance hole.
    2) Get in front of the stock. Don't try it leaning over the bed.
    3) Figure out how to shut the lathe off while maintaining two hand control of the lathe.
    4) Don't try to switch/change your grip while the tool is in the hole and the lathe is running.
    5) Start and stop the lathe with the tool through the entrance hole -- I can't find hard and fast guidance on this rule, your mileage may vary.. Still need a foot switch. see #3.
    6) Wear your face shield -- It's virtually guaranteed you'll blow up your first vessel.
    7) Stop the lathe and clean out the chips about every two passes. See #3.

    Guy Cox

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  • Scottydont
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    • Aug 2003
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    Sorry to hear about that Guy. My first maple bowl blew up. Maybe thats a good thing to teach us that to remind us of not getting too cocky. Experiment on cheap wood!
    "The Laminate Flooring Benchtop Guy"

    Edmonds WA

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    • mudder
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      • Jul 2003
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      Which hollowing tool did you get exactly?

      I have not found a good online source yet but I can look through my books and recommend a good one. Maybe David Ellsworth's page could give a pointer or two.

      If you don't "blow up" your first attempt your doing something wrong!
      Keep at it, you can do it if you put your mind to it.



      • kwgeorge
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        • Jan 2004
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        I bought the Kelton system awhile back and have been practicing a lot. If you notice the ornaments I have been making and many of the boxes now have shapes that require hollowing. I want to get a good feel for the process before I attack a larger piece with a much smaller hole. So I suggest you make some things with a larger opening until you feel good about your process.

        I donít yet so I keep practicing.