I Killed MY Live Center

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  • Whaler
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    • Dec 2002
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    I Killed MY Live Center

    This morning I wanted to change from the live center on my Jet to my new drill chuck. I slipped the drive bar in and gave it a tap, nothing, I gave it a harder tap, still nothing, I whacked it and out it came missing my hand and hitting the concrete floor. When it hit the floor the front seperated from the bearing.
    Now I had a good excuse to go to Woodcraft today with LOMLs blessing. Don't tell her that I can press it back together at work on Wed.
    The Nova was way out of my budget, shure is nice though.
    Here is what I brought home.

    I gave it a try on a some scrap 2 X 2 and it's nice, much smoother than the stock Jet live center. I'm not sure what I will use all of the insert for but will learn.


  • mudder
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    • Jul 2003
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    I bought one of those a while back. I like it very much and you'll be surprised at how much you use the other attachments. I to had visions of upgrading to the Nova or Oneway sometime in the future, now tha time to upgrade is far out there somewhere.



    • LCHIEN
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      Oh no, a dead, live center
      Loring in Katy, TX USA
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      • kwgeorge
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        • Jan 2004
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        Well, I guess you could say Dick hit it “Dead Center”!

        Anyway now that I have that out of my system I am sorry to hear of your mishap. You are not missing anything with the Nova live center system though. Mine heats up while being used so I have sent an Email to Technatool asking if this is normal for this. None of my others do it and it is not hot enough to burn you but where there is heat there is friction.


        • Rounder
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          • Jan 2003
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          I have the Nova (an actual E-Bay steal) and mine has not heated up. If I would have had to pay retail, I would have not gotten it. I have not had a chance to play with all the centers (honestly, I have no clue what some are for!) Right now, my time in the shop has been taken up by non-turning projects.
          George AKA Rounder

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