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  • Otter
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    • Nov 2003
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    • Cumming, GA, USA.
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    Some Pens

    I have been making pens like crazy. I just never took pictures, so after about 40 pens here are some pics.

    (A special shout out to kwgeorge for the great pen turning step by step on his site)

    Thanks for looking.

    Click style, Spanish Olive

    American Slim, Birds Eye Maple

    Hearts Twist, Spalted Ambrosia Maple
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  • monte
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    • Dec 2002
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    Nice work on the pens Otter.
    Monte (another darksider)
    Reporting Live from somewhere near Kalamazoo


    • Ken Massingale
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      • Dec 2002
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      Nice, Otter. Fit and finish look real good.


      • mudder
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        • Jul 2003
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        quote:Originally posted by Otter

        I have been making pens like crazy.
        Me too,

        Even sold a few.
        I love the instant gratification that I can get by turning a pen. You can go from blank to pen is less than an evening in the shop if you want to. I also can just spend a few evenings out there preparing and having blanks tubed and ready to turn so when the bug bites I can turn.

        Nice pens.



        • mater
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          • Jan 2004
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          • SC, USA.

          Looks like you have been busy. The pens look great.
          Ken aka "mater"

          " People may doubt what you say but they will never doubt what you do "

          Ken's Den


          • jdoolitt
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            • Jun 2004
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            Very nice! Looks like you lined up the grain on the Spalted Ambrosia Maple perfectly too. Well done.


            • Whaler
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              • Dec 2002
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              • Sequim, WA, USA.
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              Nice work there Otter.