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  • kwgeorge
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    • Jan 2004
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    Just being me.

    Saturday started out really nice getting into the shop early and fooling around. I decided to make a box out of a piece of rather unpromising looking Canary that I had. Like many times before once I got to turning I was in for a nice surprise. The figure in this piece is pretty dramatic. I toped it off with a Pink Ivory finial with a new shape I have been thinking about.

    Inside View;

    This picture shows the figure of this piece just a bit better;

    Then that was it for that day as the wife decided that I needed another pair of pants and a new shirt for my impending Seattle business trip. I thought Sunday I was going to have to cut grass but as luck would have it the rain started. I decided to try another form I had kicking around in my head so I grabbed a piece of Cherry. I made the lid just a bit wider than the base for something to grab on too and I also offset the burn rings a little. I inlayed a piece of Pink Ivory into the top.

    Inside view;

    Then as I was sitting out in the shop trying to decide what to do next I noticed the 5-1/4 piece of Drill Rod I had cut when I was taking some measurements on the Oneway chuck. I decided to attempt to make a Chatter tools as that might be fun. This is how it turned out.

    If you would like to see how I made this or maybe want to make your own, I recorded what I did to make this tool.

    Thanks for having a look.
  • monte
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    Very nice!
    Monte (another darksider)
    Reporting Live from somewhere near Kalamazoo



    • Whaler
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      Very nice Ken.