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  • leehljp
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    • Dec 2002
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    Toggle Clamps

    This is a neat idea for adjusting toggle clamps:
    Hank Lee

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  • capncarl
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    • Jan 2007
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    Good suggestion! I never though about going to that much work to insert a nut in the head of a toggle clamp. In my real job we used hundreds of toggle clamps in the welding fabrication shops. There were Numerous large 1” thick steel top tables where toggle clamps were strategically welded to hold all matter of steel parts for welding. No one ever went to this length adding a nut, they just welded It to the top or the bottom of the toggle clamp. For those of us without easy access to a welder (I include myself because I haven’t cranked my MIG welder up in several years and suspect that the gas tank is empty now) this is a reasonable simple way to fix a real problem. I have toggle clamps on most of my jigs, and every one of them have the stupid top and bottom nuts that have to be tinkered and fretted with every time a material thickness is used.
    Thanks again.