Lazy Susan for the finishing room (Broken tool repurposed)

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    Lazy Susan for the finishing room (Broken tool repurposed)

    A couple of years ago my decades old halogen worklights went to the city garage sale and I upgraded to a couple of sets of LED worklights. The switch on one of them failed almost immediately so I called the manufacturer and they sent me an entire new set, stand and all. The plastic case of the worklight was sonic welded so there was really no way to open it and replace the switch so it ended up in the bin, but I kept the stand.

    Fast forward to last week and I'm looking at $200+ finishing turntables on Amazon. Instead, I bought a $7 lazy susan on and mounted it to the stand with a 1/4 20 post knob and some scrap plywood and PVC trim I had laying around the shop.

    Finishing the drawer fronts today, I put a garbage bag over the entire thing to keep overspray off of it, put some Rockler bench cookies on the table and was able to easily spray the face and spin it to get all four edges of each drawer front without walking around a table.

    Click image for larger version

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    The stand is height adjustable from 27" upwards and it was set at about 35" today. It tops out at 66" should I ever need to spray anything at eye level. I have no idea what the weight capacity is for it since the stand was designed to hold up a 3 pound light.
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