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    Anybody have either the Wen 3410 or Rikon 62-450 air filter in your shop?
    Sam Conder
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    I have an older Delta 50-860 single speed Air cleaner.
    Hangs from the ceiling. No built in timer but now on a Wifi controlled plug and I tell Google Home, "turn on air filter for tour hours" Pretty cool.
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      Nope, mine's shop built.
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        I have the slightly older 62-400.
        Bill in Buena Park


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          Nope. Grizzly G0572. Highly recommend though. Really does the job.

          My experience with Wen so far has been good, but limited to the Tormek clone. Pretty nicely done...

          I can't imagine, aside from the filters themselves, there is a lot they can do to screw up an air cleaner though, and filters are easy to swap out...
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            I have a Wen. Not sure the model though. It seems to do the job.


            • dbhost

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              I saw on one of the forums, somebody that got a Wen that was being tossed out that the fan blades were missing, like someone bought it and stripped out the blades and whoever it was got the replacement for something like $30.00. That wasn't you was it?

            • Dedpedal
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              Nope but I’m not above doing that.