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  • Houston Area Sharpening services price list

    Here for general interest is the local sharpening service that most hardware stores send to - They make a weekly run to pickup and drop off work so it takes 7+ days if you time it right and bring it in before the pickup day and 14+ days if you bring it in the day after the pickup day.

    Houston Area prices current price list

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    Loring in Katy, TX USA
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    I've been sending my blades out to either Quinn Saw or Burns Tools. I think Quinn does a better job and turns blades around faster, but they only do saw blades. The prices for both Quinn and Burns are comparable to what you've posted. Once you include shipping both ways, the cost skyrockets though.
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    • Brian G
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      If you're looking for something local, consider https://ophovensaw.com/services.html. I haven't used them, but my professional cabinet maker neighbor highly recommends them. Then you can swing by the Burnsville Rockler store and poke through their outlet/dinged and beat up box section to buy stuff you didn't need but couldn't pass up because it was marked down so low.

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    We used to have a sharpening service branch here, but it closed several years ago. The local Woodcraft Store sends items to the service's main shop up in Michigan.
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      I have not very extensively searched my local area (SF Bay area, California) but the only Woodcraft store we had in my area closed several years ago :-(

      If I am shipping my blades to a sharpening service, the cost of sharpening + shipping to & fro just doesn't seem worth it. I can get a brand-new Diablo blade for that price. I am not as master woodworker as some of you so don't have any Forrest WWIIs type of blades. Most of my blades are Diablo class blades that seem to be serving me decently. At one point I looked into re-sharpening the original Ryobi blade that came with my saw but again the cost was prohibitive compared to a new 40 tooth Diablo blade.

      It is probably not as environmentally friendly as re-sharpening a blade but unfortunately for me, it doesn't work economically.

      I got to check with my local ACE like Loring's post above if they offer any service with local pickup and drop-off. That can change the equation with no S&H costs involved.


      • capncarl
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        Some of the retail woodworking suppliers that offer sharpening services like mentioned above do not use an added fee for shipping because they have trucks running back and forth quite frequently and the sharpening service is a good customer draw.
        The services where you pay USPS or UPS shipping and delivery the cost comes close to the purchase price of the blade.

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        Yep agreed. I need to do some more research around my area.

      • LCHIEN
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        having PU and delivery saves costs of mailing. But the cost is wait time. Between a 8 days and 2 weeks... you have to have it there prior to the weekly PU date and it won't be back until a week and a day later if you hit the cycle just right.