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  • Pappy
    The Full Monte
    • Dec 2002
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    • San Marcos, TX, USA.
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    Bandsaw Blades

    I am in need of blades for my bandsaw. Grizzly G0555 with the riser kit so it takes 105:" blades. Right now Itura blades are not in the cards so I'm looking on Amazon. It looks like the choices are Timber Wolf, Olson, and Ayao. I know Timber Wolf is sold by Woodcraft and Olson has been around a long time, but I've never heard of the last one. What are the opinions of these brands? Why? For now I need a resaw blade and a couple of narrow blades (3/16 and 1/4)1for cutting curves.
    Don, aka Pappy,

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  • Stan
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    • Mar 2004
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    • Kalispell, MT, USA.
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    I get my bandsaw blades from a local saw shop, all are from Timberwolf blade stock and welded to the size I need. I have no complains at all with Timberwolf.
    Can't offer any info on the other two brands unfortunately.
    From the NW corner of Montana.


    • Slik Geek
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      • Dec 2006
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      • Lake County, Illinois
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      I likely won't be your most helpful response... I have limited experience. I've been using Olson blades for a number of years and have been happy with them. I only have retired one blade thus far, and that wasn't because the blade wore out, it was because my negligence destroyed it. (My bandsaw has a quick release on tension, I release it whenever I'm done sawing. One time I failed to tension the blade before starting the saw. The blade ended up going off-center and tried cutting steel).

      I've been quite happy with the Olson blades, but unfortunately for you, I don't have any experience with other brands to provide a comparison.


      • dbhost
        Slow and steady
        • Apr 2008
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        • League City, Texas
        • Ryobi BT3100

        I've had the same set of timberwolf blades since I set up my Harbor freight band saw with riser block walk wow how long has it been there 15 years? Not a single problem and I've done things with those blades they should not have put up with.
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        • mpc
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          • Feb 2005
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          I've used Olson "Flex Back" and "All Pro" blades the most (since I can get them locally) and have had good results with them. I tried TImber Wolf on my Rikon 14" BS and was not impressed. I don't remember the details now; that was several years ago. Recently I tried a couple Starrett Duratec SFB blades from Woodcraft and they have been good too. Never heard of Ayao.

          Is Woodcraft no longer selling Olson blades? I don't see them on the website...

          My criteria: basically how well does the blade resaw and cut through thick blocks without bowing or drifting. Making scroll-saw style cuts in thinner workpieces is not something I do much. I did a lot of bandsaw box stuff several years ago with 3/16th and 1/4 inch blades being the most frequently used. Maple and hard maple mostly. Even on a small Craftsman 10" bandsaw I had good luck with the Olsons. I had to re-braze them as I could only get 72" blades locally and that saw needs 70 1/2 inch blades. I got pretty good at chopping out an inch and a half. My local Woodcraft now carries several blade brands in 70 1/2 inch lengths so I'm covered.



          • LCHIEN
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            • Dec 2002
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            Another highly regarded source of bandsaw blades for resawing is Highland Woodworking's Woodslicer brand.
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            • capncarl
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              • Jan 2007
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              Timberwolf priced me out of their market with $35 blades. I have been using about 25 blades (111” x 3/8” x 6tpi) on my Rikon saw every year. I found a reasonable priced blade with SawSerpent that worked satisfactory for a while then they started breaking at the weld. If you haven had a band saw blade break with you when you are concentrating on the cut and keeping your fingers safe…. Well, it’s time to go clean out your pants after you check for missing fingers. No more SawSerpent blades for me. My latest test purchase that I tried this week is a $17 blade from Supercut. It is a thicker blade, probably.035, and the heat treatment used looks like the other new Timberwolf blades I have on hand. The cut is smooth and tracking is great. After a few more hours of testing it I will order a dozen before the end of year if it proves to be a good blade. I purchased this blade on EBay, it’s also available on Amazon.


              • Pappy
                The Full Monte
                • Dec 2002
                • 10433
                • San Marcos, TX, USA.
                • BT3000 (x2)

                I think I'm going to give Olson a try. I'll contact them for a recommendation for the right blade for resawing. I don't think Grizzly recommends 3/4" blades but I might be able to run a 5/8" blade for resawing.
                Don, aka Pappy,

                Wise men talk because they have something to say,
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                • dbhost

                  Editing a comment
                  I've had good experiences with Olson's other bandsaw accessories over the years, and heard nothing but good things about their blades. I just don't use the band saw enough to wear out blades to need to replace them often. I have literally only replaced 2, the 5/8, and I believe 1/4" blades on my bandsaw since I bought it and put the riser block on it... I guess if you are replacing blades a couple of times a year, yeah cost comes into it...
              • Jim0424
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                • Feb 2003
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                • Dallas, Texas, USA.
                • Two BT3Ks.

                I agree with Lchien, Woodslicer is an excellent blade. For several years I was re-sawing wenge, figured maple, zebrawood, black walnut, and a few other kinds with a Woodslicer. Great results with all woods.

                As for Olson, I've found that their All Pro PGT blades (3/16" 4 TPI) give a cleaner cut than their Flex Back type of the same specs.

                Finally, I hope I'm not being too presumptuous when I suggest that anyone who is using a bandsaw take a few moments to watch 'Band Saw Clinic with Alex Snodgrass' on YouTube. Well worth your time.

                Best Regards, jim.
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                • Dedpedal
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                  • Feb 2020
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                  • Palm Coast Florida
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                  I have the same saw. I can’t complain about the Timberwolf 3/4” for resaw and 1/4” for most of the rest of my cuts. My original Grizzly blade wore out pretty quick so I’m waiting to order a 1/2” blade till I know I’m gonna need it.