Expensive noises from DW733

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  • Expensive noises from DW733

    On Friday afternoon I was using my trusty 22 year old DW733 to plane some poplar down to 5/8 for drawers for the office cabinets. I fed in a piece and grabbed the one from the outfeed when the planer started making some very un-planer like noises. It took me about 10 seconds or so to put down the piece I was holding and hit the off switch, but by then the damage was done.

    The shaft for the cutterhead had broken on the non drive end and it was spinning inside the planer uncontrolled. It chewed up both rollers and the blades were toast. When all was said and done, it would take nearly $400 in parts to make it functional again.

    I ordered a DW735x on Amazon which showed up Sunday afternoon and I finished the job, but my SawStop savings have been significantly depleted pushing that even further out into the future.

    On the DW733 you couldn't close the outfeed table if the dust collection chute was installed, which always annoyed me. They fixed that with the 735x but you still can't close the outfeed table because now the power cord is in the way.
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    I didn’t know difference in 735 and x. My 735 came with infeed and out feed tables and extra blades and 2 dewalt stands, another marketing ploy to extract more cash without running to many customers off!
    Good planer, but definitely a snipe machine.
    I changed mine to Byrd Schelix heads last year . While doing that I opened up the 2 speed gearbox and discovered that the glob of factory grease was hardened to the box walls and doing no lubrication. That’s the killer of most tools! I re- lubricated it with probably too much grease.. hopefully it won’t all stick to the sides! I’d definitely recommend this easy maintenance to everyone.