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  • Woodpeckers Joiners Saddle Square

    Opinions surrounding Woodpeckers tools tend to pivot on the price point and sometimes gloss over the the fit/finish/longevity/purpose of their tools. Personally I find the the quality and purpose is often worth the LONG TERM investment and legacy the tool will provide. Woodpeckers has announced a tool that I believe may have a home in my shop.


    I am thinking this would potentially relinquish some other tools back to the wild once I add this to my workbench.

    Interested in the viewpoint of the group.

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    I have a few woodpeckers tools and they are top notched. My displeasure with WP tools is they are too nice for my ham fisted use. I am not that bad but I do throw things in a tool box and carry them to AR, MO or TX to fix things for one of my daughters. For people who do all of their work at their home or home shop and every tool has its place, a woodpeckers quality tool would have its place too. But for someone like me, the specific tool box something goes into - changes with where I am going to work. In other words, the WP finish is too nice to get scratched up!

    As to that tool, I have two similar ones that I purchased when I lived in Japan. Japanese Tool Quality, (but metric only - which doesn't matter to me as inch/metric are interchangeable to me) However they don't have the marking holes that the WP has.

    Most of my WP tools are measuring tools.

    I have found a fairly excellent quality alternative to one of their tools here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0...?ie=UTF8&psc=1
    and here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0...0?ie=UTF8&th=1

    One set of each and both of those have become indispensable. I use them everywhere for measuring.
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      Honestly all power to Woodpeckers if they get people to pay $110 for that thing; it seems wildly overpriced to me and making it a "limited edition" one time only deal might be a marketing ploy to boost people's urgency to buy it. Sure they may be super accurate but most machined items are easily held to tighter tolerances that you need for woodworking. Anodized aluminum is going to be pretty durable; I don't see these (made of 0.1" aluminum, the one I looked at carefully) being flimsy.

      If you look at Amazon and query "45 degree saddle square" you will get several very similar, apparently well made aluminum alternatives that go for 1/6th the cost or less... under $20.

      https://www.amazon.com/OwnMy-Saddle-...s=saddle+squar e+45+degrees&qid=1658812161&sprefix=saddle+square+ 45+degrees%2Caps%2C261&sr=8-1

      https://www.amazon.com/Shinwa-Japane...s=saddle+squar e+45+degrees&qid=1658812161&sprefix=saddle+square+ 45+degrees%2Caps%2C261&sr=8-2

      https://www.amazon.com/Aluminum-wood...s=saddle+squar e+45+degrees&qid=1658812161&sprefix=saddle+square+ 45+degrees%2Caps%2C261&sr=8-3

      https://www.amazon.com/Degree-Layout...s=saddle+squar e+45+degrees&qid=1658812161&sprefix=saddle+square+ 45+degrees%2Caps%2C261&sr=8-5

      https://www.amazon.com/ErYao-Degree-...s=saddle+squar e+45+degrees&qid=1658812161&sprefix=saddle+square+ 45+degrees%2Caps%2C261&sr=8-6

      https://www.amazon.com/Aluminum-Wood...s=saddle+squar e+45+degrees&qid=1658812161&sprefix=saddle+square+ 45+degrees%2Caps%2C261&sr=8-7

      One of them (the first one) actually comes as a set of 2 squares, a 45-90 and a 45-45 on opposite ends.
      Click image for larger version  Name:	image.png Views:	0 Size:	95.0 KB ID:	851784

      The main downside over these is that there are no inch marked ones, only cm or mm. Of course degrees are universal. The WP have a inch-marked version.

      The other thing that keeps me from ordering is that they are space killers - they don't lie flat in a drawer and store away neatly. I have too much stuff, and honestly fear I can find no place to put them.

      The one feature that these have that I want is the ability to wrap a 45 around a corner so that the 45 intersects with the 90 degree line on the side exactly at the edge of the board, when the board edge is not perfectly sharp.

      I think I can probably do that pretty closely with my Swanson-type speed square.

      I do own one woodpeckers ruler and one woodpeckers T-square and a woodpecker router table and woodpecker drill press table, so I appreciate the quality they are selling.
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        I agree 100% with Lchien that Woodpeckers offerings are overpriced. But they have some really nice stuff though ! I can tell that their stuff is directed at the woodworker with an anal problem where everything must be prominently displayed on the wall in its own custom wall mount. Heck, I got a drawer for that, I don’t have to display it on the wall like it is a portrait of one of my children, or the big buck I that I shot last deer season. I do get there weekly emails and read the specs, and say I could really use this….. about twice a year.
        I am guilty of ordering their Mortice Match jig that attaches to the Domino 500 and creates accurate joints that I am unable to do with the lone 500. …. And I will use it dozens and dozens of times a year… and it will not be hanging it on the wall!