Kreg Bandsaw fence, and the Harbor Freight 32208 14" bandsaw.

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  • dbhost
    So after misspending way to much time, I am finding the folks having issues with the Kreg fence on the HF 14" bandsaw are having problems with hte newer gray models. The table on those is different, does not have the raised, well.gussets drilled for the fence mounts. The old 32208 does. I am not 100% certain but it looks like a direct copy of the old Rockwell Delta table...

    Other meaningful variations between the old green and the new gray are .
    Motor rating. 32206 / 32208 at least when I bought mine were fitted with a 1HP motor. The new gray ones are 3/4 HP. I intentionally pick4ed the HF bandsaw over say the Ridgid due to motor power as others in this price range were underpowered...

    The table as I mentioned, This is a pretty major difference. Mind you mine was unthreaded when I got it, but it was drilled for threads and had the bungs / bosses / whatever you want to call them same as teh older Rockwell Delta Design. Aside from paint color looks identical to the G0555 table.

    The newer gray models as I understand have nicer hinged blade guard doors instead of the simple 2 bolt ones of the old green model.
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  • dbhost
    What I am concerned with is this. The 32208, at least the one I got, there MIGHT have been production changes over the years, as 2 sets of mounting holes in the lugs on the table, one kind of big and up high, and one kind of small and down low. The big one tas a section at the back where it ramps in, like an inverted hat. I have that threaded, but the bolt is sitting unsupported for at least 3/8" before it gets to the threads. The other one is unthreaded I think is around something like 6mm where the Kreg fence I believe uses 1/4 - 20 bolts. Easy enough to use some WD40 and a tap to enlarge the threads and cut them to the right pitch...

    I believe if I tap the unthreaded smaller holes I should be able to bolt it right up and adjsut the rail height so that the top of the angle is 1/16" below the miter slot.

    I am seeing a LOT of people saying the bolt hole is too high, making me think they are using the uper / larger hole OR again maybe differences in the runs of saws over the years as I am sure HF used various MFGs, but all in all generic Taiwan saw....

    Funny thing is, the manuals I find online for this saw say 1HP motor, but I could swear it was a 1.5 HP...

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  • leehljp
    I have the Kreg on the Grizzly G0555P 1hp saw - One model up from the low price entry saw. I like it, and I don't think I had to alter bolt holes but that was 9 years ago. Originally, I bought the upgrade fence for the 14", but was not as happy with it. It worked ok, had 2 different orientations (laying flat or upright) but it was discombobulated for me to change to a different set up and was a little difficult for precise adjustments. The Kreg eliminated that.
    The upgrade fence is standard on the 1 3/4hp 14 inch saw. Looks good but not as good as the Kreg IMO.
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    I have the Mark Duginski fence which the design was sold to Kreg when duginske retired. It's on my Delta 12" bandsaw.

    I think there's been some changes but a lot is the same.

    the bracket mounted directly to the holes on the saw table IIRC.

    the thing mounts to a angle iron on the front of the table. The rail just mounts to the front but it's stable and rigid. I only recently figured how to rotate the fence so it's a high fence or low fence!
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  • Kreg Bandsaw fence, and the Harbor Freight 32208 14" bandsaw.

    My last mod to do on my bandsaw is rip off the Craftsman Universal Bandsaw fence (DONE), and replace it with a good fence.

    I have heard good things about the Kreg Precision bandsaw fence aside from the fact it is only a single rail model and I can add the 2nd rail to support IF I am using the fence past the end of the table which would likely not happen.

    The question I have is reviewers seem to think the holes are in the wrong place. on the table, drilled too high... but those same reviews say the miter slot is undersized on the saw (it is not). And for the most part the complaints are about the newer gray saws under a different item number which makes me think there was a production change.

    I am thinking of just getting the fence and installing anyway, possibly getting my BIL to elnongate the Kreg mounting holes if I need the rail to sit lower than the holes will allow...

    Does anyone have this fence on this particular saw? Was mounting a problem?
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