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  • How good is good enough

    I just finished my outfeed table and refurbishing my wide table which meant moving the rails which meant realigning the TS/LS fence. I aligned it to the miter slot on the saw, and then thought to myself. "Self, I wonder if the miter slots are still aligned?" After a couple of moves one to storage and then to the new shop, my miter slot is alignment is off by .2mm from the font of the blade to the back of the blade. This is about 8/1000 of an inch.

    How close is close enough?

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    Seems pretty reasonable to me.
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      Oh no, I want to see you try to successfully adjust .2 mm and hold it while you tighten bolts to hold it. Yeah, .2 mm is good enough for me. You can probably sand that dimension easily.
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        Thanks guys, sometimes I go a bit overboard
        An ethical man knows the right thing to do.
        A moral man does it.


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          In situations like this (is it good enough) I tend to think; Its not perfect but it will have to do, later I will correct the .2mm.
          Stating that something is "good enough" says that it could be better, but I will settle for less.
          "Good enough" is settling for something less than the best, or perfect. Accepting it but not liking it is "having an attitude"!

          Go fix the .2mm!

          I have long adhered to Robert Browings quote: "Ah but a man's reach should exceed his grasp!" I can't seem to let go of that! That made me obsessive compulsive some 60 years ago!
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          Perfect? I think you are measuring the wrong thing! Make a couple of cuts and measure them.


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            I’m thinking that cutting with a BT saw where the blade and sliding miter table are not perfectly aligned would give you a relatively square cut but would have a slightly cove face. The cove would be difficult to measure.

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          A lot of woodworkers spend more time fretting with their tools than they do using them, it’s like that is their hobby. Others I know use their tools to make things with, those I can’t ever remember them fussing over accuracy!


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            I fuss over the accuracy that I cannot obtain!

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          IF you decide to try to adjust that .008" out of it, PLEASE keep children that learn new words far away, and video record it for posterity, and of course share it with us for our twisted sense of humor... I suspect the process would stop being funny after about the third hour of futzing with it...
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            Something that I vaguely remember about my ownership of a Craftsman BT saw was that you could make identical repetitive cuts using the sliding miter table and get different results when comparing each board. It was extremely sensitive with the way you pushed and held the board. None of the variations made a hill of beans when assembling the project, but in the eyes of the craftsman it was bad accuracy.