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  • HD raising prices...

    Today, I noticed that HD raised prices on a lot of tools I follow (like Ryobi). Percentage seems to be 9+% up. I'm guessing it's shipping cost related like so many other products.
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    I have been seeing prices go up also - on so many things. Inflation is here and still coming on. I am sure Mark can add to this part, but I have been hearing that shipping is a big reason. Fuel costs are high, high high. I have thought about a good used pickup with Diesel engine but diesel fuel has stayed high even when gas prices decreased.

    When we stop to think about it - robotics cost, but in the long run cut down on needed man power needed. Trucking takes man power to move; regulations require only so many hours behind the wheel, therefore requiring two qualified drivers in the cab for long hauls; the more humans involved, the higher the prices. That goes without saying.

    I am seeing a slow but steady increase at HF too.
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      I added a Ryobi 40 volt blower to my tools last week when my old 2 cycle MTD died. The price for it on ryobitools.com was about 7% less than what it was when I got to homdepot.com. The three port 40v charger at HD was $99 when I looked at it on Monday and $119 when I ordered it last night. That's a 20% increase.

      The percentages of the Festool annual price change aren't as bad but they hurt more. When I bought my first Festool, the Kapex was $1200. It is $1500 now, and increase of 25% but that has been over a span of 13 years.
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        Everythings going up right now. Food prices are skyrocketing the last 2 months with all our favorite restaurants raising prices 10-20%. Any more discussion of the reasons may violate the rules of the forum.
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          Hank is correct. Freight rates are going up. There is a shortage of trucks and drivers which is in part fueling the increases. Driver wages are finally getting where they should be, at least in my area. In the middle of August I returned to dispatch. I work in international trade, container load import and export. The inefficiency of the ports, caused by a backlog of ships waiting at anchor is increasing costs across the board. Loring is right in that this conversation could quickly turn political. I think we can avoid that by just focusing on the facts and not try to discern blame.

          As far as prices look how much lumber has gone up. It is crazy what they ask for building materials. I am so glad I did some major projects before the increases happened.
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            We went on vacation back to the US (started in Dallas and drove west to San Diego) and everything seemed very expensive to us. I mean, you can't compare to Central American prices, but compared to Washington DC prices a year ago, things just seemed a lot more than we were used to.

            We were closing on an equipment deal for my DC lab back in April. The European based vendor said all their prices were going to go up 10% May 1 (so get your order in now) because of the cost of sheet metal.


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              There is also supply chain issues including components. Shortages are prompting vendors to raise prices if we ask for earlier delivery. There is only so much we can absorb with a hit on margins. Rest will have to be passed onto the customer.

              This is bad !!