Ryobi 1600 drum sander

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  • Gdubyah
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    • Apr 2020
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    Ryobi 1600 drum sander

    I am new to this site....hello all....l have an old ryobi drum sander that has been collecting dust in the corner of my shop for years, l bought a new polymer drive belt to replace the old torn paper original. wondering if anyone out there can tell me the size of the original sanding belts...l am guessing three inch....l am not sure of length though l imagine if l get the correct width... l can order a long roll and cut to fit...any thoughts?....
  • Jim Frye
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    The sanding belt was p/n 4610000 and there are some places on-line that carry belts to fit. I'd probably buy one (or minimum order) and go from there.
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