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Not pleased with Irwin

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  • Not pleased with Irwin

    Santa bought a 4- pack of Irwin's Quick Grip clamps.

    I opened them today. Skip em.

    For years, these were my preferred tool for assembling pens.

    The new ones are almost inept. The bars are thin, the plastic is thin, and the physics seem compromised. (Theres bending, already).

    These clamps came from Lowes. I'm guessing Irwin has a couple of lines. This is a line I'm not using again.

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    They have lots of different sizes and grades.

    One of the holiday deals I picked up was a pair of medium-low duty Dewalt quick clamps. They instantly became my go-to most used clamp. They hang off the bottom of the bench and get used a lot. They are light, fast to use, and seem like they should be weak but aren't. Less binding than any similar clamp I've used. I'll be buying more of them, and the large size.


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      I'm so sorry to hear that, Irwin quick grips are my clamp of choice,
      I have dozens of the 6" and 12" mini-quick grips around the shop for all my clamping needs and have found them to be reliable and sturdy and convenient. A few packages still unopened.
      I also have a few handfuls of the standard clamp.

      Were they the minis or the standard you are not happy with?
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        I picked up more Dewalt clamps last night. I found out the ones I got first are an oddball size ONLY available for Christmas in a set. They are 18" long with heads smaller than the medium 12". Just perfect for my everyday needs. The 12" mediums should be great too though, and I also added 12" heavy/large to the mix. So super smooth with zero lube.

        I also just discovered beeswax and turpentine as a clamp lube. Miracle. My Jet/Bessey parallels were finicky to run, and various synthetic lubes would just barely improve them a bit for a short time. The wax/turp mix was miraculous. No idea how long it will last, but the improvement was stunning.


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          Had to go down to the shop and look at the Quick Grip clamps I’ve had since the late ‘90s. I was surprised to see they are labeled as being from ViseGrip. Since I’ve had these 6” & 18” clamps so long and haven’t needed any more, I’ve lost track of the lineage. Glad I don’t need to buy more.
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            The clMps came in a $20 4-pack at Lowes. I explained quality tools to my well intentioned LOML.
            no, Starett is not the same as Swanson.

            'I asked you if Irwin was a good brand."

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