$2,000 worth of tools revisted.

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  • TheRic
    • Jun 2004
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    • West Central Ohio
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    $2,000 worth of tools revisted.

    Well I made it to HD this afternoon. I have to say being at HD on a Wednesday Afternoon is TOTALLY different than a Friday Night / Saturday / Sunday. I had 1 tool person dealing with me 100%, had two different bosses helping out here and there. Not sure their titles, but they had authority to make price adjustments. Had a lady at the counter (contractor counter) keeping a running tab on things, making sure they counted for the discount, and locating things they were out of.

    Ended up getting the following, price listed is the discount already taken (It's how it's on my receipt, regular price is not shown).

    Ridgid Joiner$299.40Ridgid Planer$261.88Ridgid Band Saw$261.88Ridgid Drill Press$209.35Ridgid Osc Belt Sander$149.32Ridgid Miter Saw 12"$201.85Ridgid MSUV$74.29Ridgid Flip Top (Got two)$22.49

    Sub - Total (after $500) $1502.95
    Tax (after the $500 discount!!!) 97.70
    Total $1600.65

    They didn't have the Joiner, Oscillating Belt sander, and 12" Miter Saw. I could have taken the displays, for 10% discount. Saw things missing on 2 of the three. They located new ones at another HD about 70 miles north of me (this HD is 30 miles south of me). Convinced them to deliver the items to my house instead of to the store, no extra charge.

    I think they gave me the wrong price on the planer, that price works out to about 30% off of $379. I was keeping a running total of things, and when they told me how much more I had it was off by about $30. Either the planer is not $379, or they made a mistake.

    Worst part about everything was the rain, rained all day. We were joking around about buying the stuff to make an Ark.

    Would like to say THANKS!!!! to everyone that helped me decide on the things to get.

    Plan for the worst, hope for the best!
  • Pappy
    The Full Monte
    • Dec 2002
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    Quite a haul! Amazing how accomodating they cen be on delivery after a big sale.
    Don, aka Pappy,

    Wise men talk because they have something to say,
    Fools because they have to say something.


    • WSLco
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      • Apr 2007
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      Congrats on the big tool purchase!

      Having just bought the planer today I found that it is priced at

      $349 in stores and $379 on the website.

      The Depot receipt gives a return value if you decide to return

      1 item.



      • Thom2
        Resident BT3Central Research Ass.
        • Jan 2003
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        • Stevens, PA, USA.
        • Craftsman 22124

        Congrats Ric!!! ... Out of your haul, I've personally owned the Ridgid BS, Jointer & Planer (purchased all at once for a discount, much like you did). While I've upgraded the BS to a Delta 28-203 and I'm looking to upgrade to a 15" planer at some point, I must say that you've done good. Ridgid makes a really decent product and the purchases you've made will give you an AWESOME start.

        Enjoy yourself, that's what it's all about!!!!
        If it ain't broke.. don't fix it!!!... but you can always 'hop it up'
        **one and only purchaser of a BT3C official thong**


        • SARGE..g-47

          Well.. on the Bright side, I hope you rat-holed $15 to get a set of those life-time warranty Rigid anti-glare sun-glasses so you can actually maintain your eye-sight.

          Maybe you should consider changing your forum name and be un-officially dubbed......................

          BIG ORANGE



          • Hoakie
            Established Member
            • Feb 2007
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            • Iowa
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            Nice haul, but I guess I take this as a gloat as well... so you at least deserve the obligatory....

            YOU SUCK!!!!
            To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk. ~ Edison


            • Ken Massingale
              Veteran Member
              • Dec 2002
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              • Liberty, SC, USA.
              • Ridgid TS3650

              Consuckulations Ric! You done good!


              • mater
                Veteran Member
                • Jan 2004
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                • SC, USA.

                Looks like you got a great deal Ric. All set now and ready to work.
                Ken aka "mater"

                " People may doubt what you say but they will never doubt what you do "

                Ken's Den


                • LarryG
                  The Full Monte
                  • May 2004
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                  • Off The Back
                  • Powermatic PM2000, BT3100-1

                  OH NO!!!

                  You mean you actually did it ... you really, seriously, no foolin', went out and wasted all your hard-earned money on all those CRAPPY and hideously-painted, eyeball-jarring Orange Orange tools that the BORG sells ... ?!?

                  ... when you could have gotten an equivalent truckload of stuff in lovely, soothing Oregano Green from Harbor Freight, for well under $400???

                  FOOL!!! Have we taught you NOTHING around here?????

                  Kidding, of course. Ya done good, pal!


                  • LCHIEN
                    Internet Fact Checker
                    • Dec 2002
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                    • Katy, TX, USA.
                    • BT3000 vintage 1999

                    Those tools and one of those $7000 Hotley hand planes and you'll have some real money invested...
                    Loring in Katy, TX USA
                    If your only tool is a hammer, you tend to treat all problems as if they were nails.
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                    • movnup
                      Established Member
                      • Aug 2006
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                      • Seattle
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                      I hope you realize you now have to write reviews on all these new tools to tell us what you like and don't like about "going orange". Does this have anything to do with living in Ohio and the fact that the Cincinatti Bengals play there ????

                      You also have to give us the detailed intructions of the game plan you came up wth to sell your wife on this haul and how long it took .. I'm sure many on the forum would like to apply your tactics.

                      NICE JOB and HAVE FUN !!!


                      • big tim
                        Senior Member
                        • Mar 2006
                        • 546
                        • Scarborough, Toronto,Canada
                        • SawStop PCS

                        Congratulations. You did well, going by what you paid for the thickness planer, you did very well.
                        I've had my eye on that one for a while now but they want $500Can. for that unit here(includes the stand). That's about $425US.
                        I've noticed before, that the prices at HD in the US are typically much better than here!
                        Have fun.

                        Sometimes my mind wanders. It's always come back though......sofar!


                        • Ed62
                          The Full Monte
                          • Oct 2006
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                          • NW Indiana
                          • BT3K

                          Congrats on the new shop. I'm gone for a little while, and when I get back you've done a lot of shopping. I'm jealous.

                          Do you know about kickback? Ray has a good writeup here... https://www.sawdustzone.org/articles...mare-explained

                          For a kickback demonstration video http://www.metacafe.com/watch/910584...demonstration/


                          • Cheeky
                            Senior Member
                            • Nov 2006
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                            • westchester cty, new york
                            • Ridgid TS2400LS

                            wow, that's a lot of tools for the money....I'm certainly orange with envy.

                            i have my fair share of Ridgid:

                            Table Saw TS2400LS
                            Jig Saw, cordless and corded
                            18V drill

                            very pleased with all. just make sure you register them for the Lifetime Service Agreement.


                            • TheRic
                              • Jun 2004
                              • 1912
                              • West Central Ohio
                              • bt3100

                              Wlsco: Didn't know the planer was $349 in the stores, then that works out correctly.

                              Sarge: I got a set of safety glasses with my 3 piece combo kit (2 air guns & pivot driver). Didn't realize they were also anti-glare. With the bright Orange I figure I should save a fair amount of electric on the lights!

                              Mater: I've got a long ways to go to get as many Ridgid products as you , thanks for your help!

                              Larry: I thought you already bought out HF with your $3.00 gift card and 20% off coupon.
                              BIG THANKS!!!!

                              Movnup: Writing a review on the toys, umm I mean tools, won't be a problem, making sense out of what I wrote is another thing . Don't expect them anytime soon I think I'm going to take my time and get to know them 1 at a time.
                              If it had anything to do with the Bungles, I wouldn't have gotten them. Don't want HOT tools. Go Browns!!! Orange is also High School colors, but I don't like Orange in NASCAR, GO JJ, and I just like Orange.
                              I have been talking about getting (Joiner, Planner) for a couple of years now. The Bandsaw and other items came in around this discussion ... http://www.bt3central.com/showthread.php?t=25281 Have had money earmarked for about a year, been patiently waiting for a sale. Had to convince myself, that was the tough sell. When I talked to the wife about the ideal I worded it so it was her idea!

                              Big Tim: Ouch, someone is making money off you guys!


                              Plan for the worst, hope for the best!