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  • Jeffrey Schronce
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    • Nov 2005
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    • York, PA, USA.
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    2 Stage DC

    For those of you using the DC Seperator trash can thing, how do you connect it? Glue fittings to connect the hose up to?

    I am very happy with my DC at this point except for emptying bags. I have 2 HP HF DC w/ 1 mic oversized bell shaped shaker felt bag on top and plastic bag on bottom. Plastic bags are filling up way to quick with the new 8" jointer and 15" planer (hidden gloat). My DC is up in the attic of my 10ft ceiling shop thus I have to go up ladder to attic, remove bag, fit it and myself down the ladder, all without spilling. Also putting bags on are a pain but I plan to use some tape next time so that should be easier.

    My plan is to run 4-5 foot below ceiling to seperator that will be on a shelf attached to the wall. Then the hose will then go back up to the runs that connect to the machines. Hopefully this extra run will keep the DC from sucking everything out of the can.

  • dkhoward
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    • Dec 2003
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    I use one of the rockler trash can seperator tops. The hose is what comes with the HF DC accessory kit and I just shoved the hose in the holes. THe fit is tight and I havent had any problems.
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    • schak
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      • Apr 2006
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      I used the cyclone lid from WoodCraft shown below with a 30 gal metal garbage can and it works fairly well. The cyclone lid also has a foam gasket that makes it air tight between the garbage can and the lid. I have the 4" version with the DC hoses connected to the ports on the lid with a couple of hose clamps. It works good; hope this helps

      Click image for larger version

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      • Popeye
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        • Mar 2003
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        This is how I did mine. The top was on a smaller 35 gallon trash can and worked fine. I just wanted something bigger and deeper. I used all 4" thin wall and you'll note some creative flange sizing.

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        • havighurst
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          • Jun 2004
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          I also have the woodcraft lid. I bought a couple of their quick connectors and have attached them to the hose that connects to both ports on the lid and the end that goes to the tool. This has worked well for me and allows me flexability if I do not want to use the seperator.
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          • Jeffrey Schronce
            Veteran Member
            • Nov 2005
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            • York, PA, USA.
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            That Woodcraft unit sure does look a lot better than the one I bought.


            I like the connections much better than the Grizzly/Rockler type lid that I have. I guess I could just shove the 4" hoses into the holes.

            If I was going back to Muncy I'd return the Grizzly and get one from Woodcraft on the way home.



            • Pappy
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              • Dec 2002
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              Hoses slip on to Delta 4" elbows.

              Click image for larger version

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