powermatic table saw troubles

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    This thread is over a decade old, but it provided a starting point for determining why my PM 66 wouldn't start. The symptoms were exactly the same as the OP's. Unlike for the OP, the answer was elsewhere. A check of the start and run capacitors found them both well within specifications. Blowing out the motor didn't work. Removing the end cap/fan cover revealed an entirely enclosed back end of the motor. So I undid the four very long screws that hold the entire motor housing over the armature and discovered the centrifugal switch. It was a little dusty, but not nearly enough so to impede or stop current from passing. I just wiped it down gently. Looking into the motor housing that was now resting on the floor I found reason for hope. At the back end inside of the motor housing is a copper ring. It was caked with fine sawdust and dust was jammed underneath it. I gently blew it out, removed the caked on dust with some Q-Tips, removed what was left of the old grease with yet more Q-Tips, re-greased the area, put new grease on the bearing on the rear of the armature shaft, and reassembled everything. I plugged the saw in, pressed the start button, and the saw flew gently and sweetly to life.

    Finding that dust in there was a shocker to me. Early in the saw's life Powermatic replaced the original motor for me because it was exhibiting the same problems. The technician advised me to silicone all the areas where dust might possibly get into the internals of the motor. I carefully and thoroughly did that before using the new motor. Not sure at all how that dust got in there. One other thing - before last night, the saw had been in storage for 5 years. On first startup, it turned on as normal. After turning it off and then on again, the problems experienced by the OP occurred. I have to wonder if the initial startup jarred loose a bunch of that dust. Anyway, I would not have known where to begin had I not run across this thread. My sincere thanks!

    Jim Webb


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      Thanks for the reply. It really helps to reinforce our efforts to keep this forum alive as a resource for woodworkers.Glad to read it was helpful to you. Welcome to Sawdustzone.Org
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        I think that's one of the reasons I would like to see this forum keep going. A reference for people looking for answers that may have been long ago experienced and solved by others.
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