Table Saw Nickel Test?

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    quote:Originally posted by phrog

    Okay, I finally got around to trying the nickel test and my saw passed. Now, what do I do?
    Pat yourself on the back for a fine purchase, congratulate yourself, brag to the wife, and sleep well tonight.
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    If your only tool is a hammer, you tend to treat all problems as if they were nails.
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      quote:Originally posted by BobSch

      28 post out of one nickel? Who'da thunk it.
      We all had to throw in our 2 cents... [^]
      Happiness is sort of like wetting your pants....everyone can see it, but only you can feel the warmth.


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        I thought was when you purchased a new tool that was so expensive, the wife puckered so bad you could place a nickle in the crack of her a$$ and it would stay put?

        At home wise cracks (ah-hah another funny!) like that get me kicked out into the shop. [)]

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          I'm not surprised that the nickel worked for you phrong. As I said, I got it to work with a dime. The hard part was getting the dime to stand up in the first place, but cycling the saw on and off (letting it come to full speed as well) didn't make it budge.

          Keith Z. Leonard
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            quote:Originally posted by LCHIEN

            Now with the BT3, I've become real bad and leave all manner of scales, digital calipers, marking devices, cutoffs, finished and upcoming workpieces, clamps, etc. on the saw table when I'm working. They just seem to stay there.
            You and me both! My outfeed table top is a full sheet of MDF, plus I have the full length wide table on it, and the whole thing is normally covered in stuff. It involves a major cleanup to actually make a cut on a large piece, but I'm sure glad the capability is there!


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              quote:Originally posted by LCHIEN

              Uh oh, don't get me thinking too much on this.

              As such it's a qualitative test.
              Because vibration is 3-D (X, Y and Z-components)
              Z-vibration alone in excess of 1g (32 ft/sec/sec) will bounce the coin and set it flying.
              But X axis Motions (perpendicular to the face of the standing coin) exceeding in amplitude half the width of the coin will cause the coin to fall over(making the center of gravity move outside the footprint of the coin)... lessee Accel = second derivative of (.037" sin 2 x Pi x 80hz x t)...

              OK, this is even making my head hurt...
              Oh come on now, everyone knows engineers even dream in gobbledy-gook!


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                Wow, 35 Posts for a single nickel. Did I ever get my money's worth!