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  • Remember me not working?

    Am I doing something wrong or Is it my iPad? Recently every time I go to sawdustzone I have to re-log in. This may have started when the iPad updated to ver. OS13.3, don’t know. Suggestions?

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    Not sure. My iPad is on 13.3 and it will remember me on this site as long I don't log out. I'm using FireFox browser to access the site and it will remember me as long as I don't log out. FF is set to delete all cookies when it ends. How are you accessing this site on the iPad? But you are correct, my iPad used to remember my login in the past. I have looked the settings, but I don’t see anything that could prevent the login being saved now. FF settings are set to remember logins and passwords and that seems to have fixed the issue. However, my knowledge of iOS pales in comparison to Windows.
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      My browser is the apple default, Safari. My uneducated guess is that this issue is Apples ploy to make its users start using the keychain or other password storing app.


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        Nope, my iPad stays logged in on every site I use while mobile. I don't use forums on anything but a computer, so I can't speak to this site. But yesterday I was arranging a medical procedure and was staying logged in to four different sites related to insurance and doctors with no issue.


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          This is probably caused by a corrupt cookie in safari.

          Go to settings --> safari --> advanced --> website data

          after waiting for What seems like an insane amount of time the list of site cookies will show up.

          either search for sawdustzone or scroll through the list to find it
          Swipe left on the site name and tap on delete.

          Back out of settings
          Force Quit Safari or restart your iPad.

          Log into the site again and click the remember me when you log in. It should remember you then.
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