A little help please.still playing with file size

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  • A little help please.still playing with file size

    Still trying to save as jpeg but within limits. Maybe someone can explain why when I size it to 400 x 600 I am still to large a file. If I try compressing the file it looks terrible. This photo was saved as a gif.
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    Originally posted by sbd1 View Post
    Still trying to save as jpeg but within limits. Maybe someone can explain why when I size it to 400 x 600 I am still to large a file. If I try compressing the file it looks terrible. This photo was saved as a gif.
    JPG is already compressed. Compressing it too much makes it smaller but can make the compression artifacts (loss of color gradients, ridges around contour lines and edges) objectionable.

    I generally resize images with MS Paint (everyone with Windows has that)
    and save as JPG and I think that around 400x600 is the size that fits the 97K limit on this forum. Depending upon the compression settings of your program it may be larger or smaller. Remember that the size is proportional to the area, reducing lineal dimensions by 10% will result in a 20% reduction in image size (before compression). Scaling by 25% (1/4) usually gives around 1/16th size of the original picture size.

    How close to 97 K is your file size? What resizing and JPG conversion compression programs are you using?

    Me, I have 4 MP (2200x1700 pixels) 886K JPG files from my camera. I usually reduce to around 25% in W x H (568 x 426), and it stores as a JPG around 44K.

    scaling to 33% gives me a 750 x 563 image of 63K.

    Both are quite usable, and well under the 97K limit. I'll attach as examples.
    The forum software seems to display them as the same size (400x300), clicking on the image will display the full size image and you can see the first one is 568 x 426 and the second one was uploaded as 750x563.
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      It really depends on the photo and the software you use too.
      An image with a lot of light colors and white will reduce very small without a lot of loss on gradients. Take this image for example.

      It is a very large image that I reduced down quite a bit. It is still less than 40 kilobytes though. I wanted it large for clarity and small for file size.

      I use Photo Impact by Ulead. I use version 6 even though I have a couple newer upgrades. It's what I learned with. It can compress with far better results than MS paint in my opinion, but for that, you have to pay for it. You can find old versions on Ebay dirt cheap and you can download the trial version at Ulead that is fully functional for 30 days I think. Then you can determine whether to get an older version. From version 5 on, they have continually made it more effective at photo manipulation.

      To just post project images on here though, I think that MS Paint would do fine.


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        Ok. But how do you get the pic to display at full size - so it doesn't have to be clicked to be enlarged?

        I've seen several posts where the pic takes up almost the width of the post area (no clicking needed). For example, Larry's sewing counter project comes to mind http://www.bt3central.com/showthread...ghlight=sewing

        Paging LarryG....



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          He has those photo's posted elsewhere and has just posted the link to the image. By using the Insert Image above when you are posting, you can insert pictures that are hosted elsewhere. They aren't size restricted.
          It's only when you upload a file to BT3Central from your hard drive, that these size restrictions apply.


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            Thanks everyone. It must have something to do with my software. I have a
            H.P. camera I believe is 5.3 maga pixel and I use the H.P. software to reduce.
            I take the pictures with the highest resolution because normally I want 8x10's
            for my portfollio. I found another area to compress them which I have to experiment with. Soon to have my own website which will make things easier I hope.


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              If your camera has an email pic option you might try to upload email sized images. My Sony stores email pics in a seperate file.

              That said I don't see any problem with converting yours to gif for posting here.
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                For Windows XP...
                I use a powertoy from microsoft, it is free and really easy to use, just right click the image and it will give you a few options of Image size. I have photoshop and a few of other computer programs to work w/ images, but this PowerToy is the easiest one to use to resize Images.

                Image Resizer
                This PowerToy enables you to resize one or many image files with a right-click.

                Link to Microsoft
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                  Several variables to keep in mind.

                  One of the admins will probably have to chime in on this to clarify how things are done on this particular forum, but there are some basics.

                  Look at Loring's pix, do a right click and examine the Properties. There you'll find the number of pixels per inch, width x height, 400x300 for each of the thumbnails. He explains this in the text of his message, actually, and then clicking you find larger pix. I'm guessing that if you put in a picture that is no more than 400 pixels wide, at 72dpi, that it will stay where you put it. Maybe even larger than that, but I'm betting that once it gets to somewhere between 500 and 576 or so at 72 dpi or 576 at 96 dpi, the software is going to automatically create a thumbnail and a referral to the larger image. It's likely about keeping our uploaded pix within the context of the frames on the forum screen. Only a guess, but I'll bet I'm close.

                  Get your width no more than 6" at 72 dpi and I'm wondering if it'll just click in. I may have to try that, just to see.