Horse trading and completing shop projects.

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    Horse trading and completing shop projects.

    So my intent to install my bench top drill press into my old 9 drawer Craftsman Professional tool cabinet turned out to be problematic at the tool cabinet was simply too tall.

    Well I found a used Husky shorty 4 drawer for cheap, easily 6" or more shorter than the Craftsman and putting the drill press at a comfortable height. And again, got it cheap used...

    I need to figure out what to do with the old Craftsman as I don't have room for it in the shop. Might end up in the shed to hold stuff like plumbing tools and the like....

    Anyway I pulled all of my drilling stuff, jigs, forstner bits, hole saws, you name it, and found a home for it in the box. Only drilling thing not in there now is my Ryobi 18v drill. And I have room for it...

    I need to get my old drill press gone now. I guess I should take a look to see if there are any responses...
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