Anxiously awaiting cooler weather!

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  • Anxiously awaiting cooler weather!

    Even with the AC, which is not currently connected as I kind of knocked the vent off the wall, these 100 degree days are no situation for me to be working in the shop. HOWEVER, cooler days are coming.

    Days I can finally get out there and purge the junk from my shop.

    Days when I can move the stuff my wife wanted me to do / projects from piled up in the shop, into a neat queue in the shed, and / or gone. There are projects she wanted I have no interest in so there is that...

    Days when I can finish the shop projects I started.

    Days to remove the old tools I upgraded from and move in the tools I upgraded TO.

    and lastly...

    Days to remove the portable AC, and order / install a proper mini split AC with heat.

    It just needs to be under 90 degrees in the shop for a while...

    I still need to design / build a flip top stand for the new 10" bench top jointer, and once the portable AC is gone, build a new sharpening station for the Wen sharpener. The old Ryobi 8" bench grinder will be returned to stock with the guards and tool rests and dedicated to automotive / metalworking applications.

    I am debating, STRONGLY if I should go ahead and retire my beloved BT3100, and finally invest in what should be my last ever table saw, a SawStop 3HP PCS, although I am not sure I need more than the 1.75HP. And I could probably do great with their contractor saw instead of the cabinet saw, although the dust collection on the cabinet saw would be better...
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    Dave, hopefully we will have a long fall so you can get everything done on you’re to do list! As for the Saw Stop, I have the 1.75 hp contractor model, it would be nice if it was the 3 hp model but I’m think it is about like pistols or shotguns for home protection, I like to keep a .44 mag pistol handy and my Benelli Nova pump with 3 1/2” 00 under the bed, In reality, I can fend off the bad guys with my a .22 mag pistol and a .410 with 3” #4 buckshot. I just finished cutting quite a bit of 3” maple wit( my 1,75 hp contractor model, a little slower than an 3 hp but it did wor well, and might not cut any more this thickness this year. I believe that my decision to purchase the 1.75 hp and use the existing wiring vrs the more expensive 3 hp and pull extra wire and breakers to be the right one for a small time one man shop.


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      You are right in there with my thought process. The big issue I have with contractor models is having the motor dangling out of the back of the saw, space use and all... Not to mention dust collection. But we will just have to see. And yes hoping for a long cool fall / winter after this nasty hot summer.
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        It might be nice for the motor to be off to the left, but the contractor model is like all the previous saws were. The saw I removed out, a Powermatic 64, and the dust control seems adequate. Can’t say that the SS pro model would do much better in my case.