Building a cabinet for my router table

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    Originally posted by LCHIEN
    My last advice is to get the 30-piece MLCSWoodworking Router bit set.
    This set has probably more bits than you will need but at an average cost of $3.83 and a nice storage box its a great deal. Over time I have used well over half the bits in this set and having a choice on hand when working on something is nice and gives you design flexibility over having to pick a profile and then buying it. In half-inch shanks, naturally.
    Yes a 1/2" bit collection is in order, now that I have a router with 1/2" collet capability.

    On the router bits note (although a bit of a digression from original topic) what spiral trim bit do you recommend? I have two Freud flush trim bits (1/4" shank) - one with bearing on top and another with bearing on bottom. But both are straight trim bits and not spiral. I believe spiral bits are better from tear out perspective. TIA.


    • LCHIEN
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      I don't own any solid carbide spiral "trim" bits with bearings.Or even the carbide tipped with shear angle flush trim bits.

      I do have several 1/4" and 1/2" solid carbide spiral downcut bits. I do own several flush trim carbide-tipped bits with bearings but I usually use 1/2 or 3/4" cutting diameter for patterns and templates. - usually I use these for thin sections precut with a band saw if possible so the trim bit is taking off less than a diameters worth. You saw how clean a cut I made on these even though 3/4" deep.

      Downcut is described from the handheld router use, not the table mounted and will shear the edge of a groove down into the groove giving a cleaner edge compared to a upcut bit which will pull the cut fibers upwards.

      However the downcut has the disadvantage of packing all the cuttings into the groove rather than pulling them out, not a big deal.

      One last piece of advice, using 1/4" dia spiral, or straight bits for that matter, the cross section is very thin and easy to break. When plowing full width grooves with a 1/4" bit, I lower it 1/16-1/8" per pass, not more than 1/8" or you risk breaking the bit if feeding too hard!!! DAMHIKT

      My last advice then is I buy my bits at, the prices are reasonable, the quality very good, the shipping free (no 7-$10 shipping on a $12 bit) and their customer service has been great whenever I have an issue. On the DAMHIKT above I broke my first 1/4" solid carbide spiral bit with too deep a cut; they explained it to me and send me a free replacement when it was really all my fault.
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      Thanks for these pointers !!