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  • Shop rework, final setup?

    So I am I think where I want to be tools and equipment wise, but the space is not cooperating so much, especially with some of the newer / larger tools. So the thought process now is, for lack of a better idea...

    -1 Get a 10x12 shed with 7' sidewalls in the back yard so I can move camping gear and lawn and garden into the shed.
    -2 Purge out junk, abandoned projects. My wife wanted me to rebuild a rustic cooler stand. I have zero interest in this and it sucks up space. She wanted me to rebuild a wooden bucket fountain that I have no interest in doing etc... There are about 5 of these various things in the shop that need to go. Leaving me with 2 basic get them done and out of the shop projects.
    -3 Finish the get them done projects. One is simple, pick the right rot resistant and strong wood to build new slats for, clean / de-rust the cast iron ends, enamel primer and POR-15 paint the cast iron bench ends and then re-assembly with stainless steel hardware of the garden bench I may try to integrate her photo into this somehow and use it as a memorial bench and set planters full of her favorite flowers in front of it...
    -4 Build a steamer trunk / keepsake chest for her items that I need to make space for but want to keep.
    -5 Empty out my lumber racks and my sheet goods area. They are in need or reorganizing anyway.Set anything too small, warped, or cracked to be worth using, save for camp fire firewood. Cut it down to size and pack it up in boxes to go...
    -6. Insulate remaining wall, Remove 5" vents from front wall of garage, patch siding, paint, and use a couple of cans of expanding foam to insulate, then close up the sheet rock.
    -7 Install mini split heat pump.
    -8 Put my lumber back on the racks, organized this time.

    Assuming now I have a cool, comfortable and relatively uncluttered workspace. First things first.

    -1 Build a new flip top stand to house the jointer and planer. The new 10" jointer is too wide.
    -2 Build a rolling drill press cabinet from some old Wood Magazine plans I have laying around (in pdf format of course). I need to find the USB stick and send it in to be loaded with the updates! Install the drill press on it, and load it up, Roll this to between the garage doors
    -3 I should have mentioned, my rolling clamp rack has to move to the far side of the shop, closer to the table saw and bench, further from the lathe and flip stands to make room for the new larger flip stand.
    -4 Re-work the miter saw dust hood. I know what I need to do, I just need to do it... This will likely be plywood cutoffs for the most part, but I liked the idea of the clear vinyl sheeting in the front, my local ACE Hardware used to carry that stuff, will have to look...
    -5 remove the ABS 5x5x5 wyes from my ducting, replace with steel ones, replace ABS 5x4 reducers with steel. Last run after the turn to the miter saw hood is going to need to go 5x4x2.5 to accomplish what I THINK I need to accomplish...
    -6 Build and install a base cabinet / storage cabinet for the BT3100. Needs to act as a mobile base, AND house ALL Of my routing and table saw accessories, and allow for an enclosure of the router.
    -7 Rework the wide table top moving the router hole, and miter slot closer to the edge. WAY too much wasted space here, and it encroaches into potential storage...
    -8 Build a Lathe mobile base / storage / ballast cabinet for under the lathe.
    -9 Re-design and build a new sharpening station to utilize both the bench grinder / Wolverine setup, AND the Wen low speed sharpener rig.

    Step 1 of the prep is in progress. Actively seeking out a contractor to build a shed on site that isn't stupid expensive... I have some possibilities, and it has to wait as I need to relieve the back yard of a crepe myrtle that is in the way...
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    Progress and updates as it were.

    I am working with a contractor to get prices. I cut the Crepe Myrtle down, and limbed the 2 lowest branches on the Texas Ash tree so I have space. I need the stump from the Crepe Myrtle gone. Trying to get the contractor to quote out including pulling that stump, either that or we wait a bit.

    As I posted elsewhere, I got fed up with my overstuffed 27" Craftsman mechanics tool cabinet being too small. Ordered a a 56" top and bottom. Once it comes in, and is assembled, will transfer my stuff from one to the other.

    Once the 27 inch is empty will thoroughly clean it, like TSP and pressure washer clean it to fully degrease it, lube the slides, make sure the lock still works, and fab up a wood top to mount my drill press to. Load up the cabinet with my hand drills, drill bit sets, drilling jigs, and even my stock of pocket screws etc... and move the old floor model DP out of the shop to make room for this...

    Purging the I don't want to do them projects out of the shop as well as chucking, well flat out garbage.

    The 56" is going to cause a space problem until the shed is in place... Just going to have to deal with it.

    Where the old 27 lived is now going to be empty though. Not sure what to do with the space... I have storage problems after storage problems, will need to finalize that.

    I literally have 1/4 of my shop space consumed by lawn and garden, and camping stuff. It's gotta go.

    The plan is for the big tool chest to go against the wall, relocate the HD standards and brackets that were the tool stacker, and put my jack stands UP to free up floor space.

    The mini split will free up space between the doors, where the drill press can live, sharpening station can live in front of one of the doors. Lastly rolling clamp rack between the 56 tool chest and the lumber rack...

    And at some point I need to build a rolling sheet goods rack.
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      All I can add is to quit camping, hire a lawn company and sell that equipment. I haven’t cut grass in about 5 years since moving to Florida.


      • dbhost

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        Not gonna quit camping. I have a lawn service. I have no idea why I still have my lawn equipment...

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      My basement shop is 12'x22'. I probably could have made it bigger when I was designing it to fit in our newly built home. I thought I'd start with a clean sheet and design the "ultimate" shop layout, but after 30 years in my old 12'x12' shop, I struggled with changing my methods of work and decided I didn't want to change (old dog/new tricks). I finally settled on putting my stand tools on rolling cabinets and storing them along one wall, bringing one out when needed. This wall also got the top 4' covered in pegboard for hand tool storage. One end wall got a fixed 12' long workbench bonded to the basement walls and floor that also serves as a very rigid stand for some tools. The other end wall got the wood rack, reference library, and storage underneath for saw horses and work tops. The long wall opposite the stand tool cabinets got the ambient air filter, 12" deep storage shelves, and the lathe storage cart. This left me with an open work space large enough to handle 8' long and 4' wide work pieces. I still spend a fair amount of time setting up and tearing down, but that was what I did in the previous shop and at least now I can store all of my tools inside the shop. One thing I've learned over the years is a smaller shop is easier to keep clean because it gets dirtier quicker. Unfortunately, it doesn't make tools harder to lose or misplace.
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        So my plan here, for better or worse is, the bench top tools will go on flippers, except the drill press, miter saw and mortiser that have their own... and will be wheeled out when needed. The drill press is on a wheeled cabinet and can be moved around to handle wider / bigger stock... . Honestly I should probably abbreviate my DC ducting and move my lathe but where i Have it is comfortable to work in... I just have too much non shop junk in there right now...

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      So the contractor for the shed is here. 2 guys, a beat to snot F150 and a trailer full of building materials and a flat tire... I might take a gander at that tire once they get that trailer offloaded to see if I might be able to get it back on the rim and aired up,

      My truck has been dragged to a friends property that has no HOA, and truck parts are going over there. I need to finish cutting down and bundling the cutoffs from the ash tree and the Crepe Myrtle. In a way I wish I had my friends property. He can do a burn pile in his yard and not have any concern about catching ANYTHING else on fire...

      Once the non shop stuff is out of the shop, will be able to move back into cleaning the shop...
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        Holy cow. These guys are FAST... The floor is done, walls are up, basically they are doing the roofing now. No paint but I didn't expect it. I need to go to Home Depot tonight to get some color matched paint but I expected that. I think all told they will be in this thing less than 3 hours by the time they are done. I mean these guys are lightning fast...
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          Aaand it's done. I now have a 10x12 shed with 7' sidewalls. The idea was to stay under the HOA size limits, and not suck up my whole yard what little of it there is...
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            So 2.5 hours after they hobbled their poor beat to snot work truck into my driveway and started unloading, I have this in my backyard. It is ostensibly complete but missing a few items I consider standard. I will add them myself this weekend.

            Paint. This thing needs to be painted to protect it from the elements.
            Hasp to lock the doors. Storage shed isn't very secure if I can't lock it.
            Draw bolts to secure the door aside from the hasp side. So the door that has to open first is on the left, so the draw bolts, 1 top, 1 bottom will be installed on the door on the right.
            Eve vents. There should be a vent on each side of the triangle part to keep things from getting too hot in the Texas summers.

            So I do those touch up items this weekend, probably epoxy paint the floor as well to keep it from getting water damaged should any leaks happen.

            Part of me, and it is no small part, partially wants to move the woodworking part of my shop out there. But the smart part of me thinks better of it and we move on... I have a garage I can use... and it is already set up.
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              Looks good.

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            Was having fits with painting with rollers and brushes, ran out to Harbor Freight and grabbed one of their Wagner Power Painter knockoffs and got busy figuring out how to use it, ran through 2 fills of the paint cup before I opted to take a break. I have been up and working on various stuff all day long and honestly spent too much time in the sun today and am feeling a little crispy...

            Anyway, the left side and around 1/2 of the front are done, tomorrow will do the right and the back, just slug my way through it. As I piddle through the week I will hit the trim and repaint the ramp as I dribbled orange paint on it over the cream porch and floor paint color...

            FWIW, I have 3 more gallons of that orange and can get more easily... I was planning on redoing the siding on the house but this project took precedence as I needed storage space...
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              No updated photos, but the entirety of the shed is now orange exept the upper trim along the roof line, and the door frame. The paint needs to dry, including dilluting more paint to get the job finished, it took me less than an hour with the airless sprayer. Yes there was a good amount of overspray, yes I need to go over the ramp again, but when it is all said and done, I think this will come out really nicely.

              The less than brilliant part of me wants to downsize my table saw, put everything on folding stands and move the shop out here, but no. not gonna happen. I opted for this size to insure HOA and my tail do not get combined, and while Pappy managed to do it with the playpen, I can't add a second shed to make it work...

              I guess I should check my lotto tickets, maybe I can afford to buy a different property and do something different! (Just kidding).

              Oh for anyone wondering, yes I am also orange right now. I hope this stuff will wash off in the shower since it would look funny with me having to go into the office tomorrow...
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