Got a few extra bucks? 80/20 miter saw stand will spend them for you

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    Got a few extra bucks? 80/20 miter saw stand will spend them for you

    Click image for larger version  Name:	image.png Views:	0 Size:	230.3 KB ID:	853072​$1799.99, Miter saw not included. Fence stop $130 option. It does look really nice and of course you can get all the 80/20 extrusions and fasteners you want to make a even fancier setup.
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    That's pretty cool.
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      I was just remarking to my wife this morning about how expensive some of these shop additions have gotten. While I realize some woodworkers enjoy those kind of enhancements, I look at it like a real luxury, show item.

      We're supposed to be woodworkers and so many things I see online and in catalogs could easily be built for a fraction of the cost. Our builds may not be as pretty, but they function the same. Personally I prefer, "look what I built" over "look what I could afford to buy".

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      • dbhost

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        Wood, or aluminum, it's a cool build. However it sounds like this is a pre packaged kit...

      • LCHIEN
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        80/20 is a firm that sells aluminum extrusions with lots of t-channels and specialty fasteners for making scaffolds and industrial-type racks and custom equipment setups. They are a bit pricey but some hobbyiests have used them. They sell seconds on eBay or used to. THis is a kit they cut to length and provide all the parts, but the advantage is that you can buy more 80/20 stuff and add on to your hearts content. Or make other custom jigs that look like they have the same appearance.