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  • Back to the backyard shop idea.

    Well with the benchtop drill press in hand now and a Metabo 12" sliding compound sliding mitersaw on order, by the way check Amazon after shipping with their price drop right now it is cheaper to get a brand new one on Amazon then a referb from CPO.

    Anyway those were the 2 big items other than the shed itself that I needed to get ready to build a workshop shed.

    I have asked the HRA time and time and time again for permission to build larger than 10 by 12 and have received no responses whatsoever. There are many structures that are much larger than 10 by 12 in neighborhood notably large metal pool enclosures that are technically out buildings. So at this point it might be better off to fight city hall as it were or in this case the HOA since they're not giving me any feedback.

    I checked with the city and as long as the square footage stays under 200 I don't need a permit. Is however electrical may be an issue.

    As I discussed before my options here are workshop and a shed in the backyard and well I can't really use the garage to park my vehicles in because my truck is too big and to be honest with you I don't care about the Malibu.

    However it is possible that I may Just end up putting up a 10 by 12 shed in the backyard and using it to store my lawn and garden stuff and out of season camping equipment.

    If I stick with the garage workshop I definitely need to get the non workshop stuff out and into a shed. Once that is done by I will pull all of my lumber stock off the well that is the remaining uninsolated will and blow in insulation on that wall.

    Everything starts getting cramped over by the sharpening station and drill press but with the one garden stuff out of the way that will open up a huge amount of space and I can just move the drill press over there. Quite likely I can get both the drill press and sharpening station over there but That seems not entirely productive.

    So let's assume I do stay in the garage workshop what do I need to do other than get lawn and garden and camping out of there?

    Of course we are going to assume that we are starting from at least a reasonably clean ish starting point.

    Let's start with build one of those rolling sheet goods carts That will fit under my lumber racks..

    Redesign the dust hood for the mighter station and I may have to redesign the extension things so that they will fit the new mighter sand collect dust much more efficiently I'm at least hoping.

    Replace the 4" run to the mighter station with 5".

    Figure out a better cut off bin than just a 30 gallon trash can that's sucking up space in the shop.

    Take and get serious about refurbishing those cast iron park bench ends and reslatting the bench and putting it out in the front yard. I definitely need to get that done again I need to free up space in the shop.

    Move the drill press station over to the far wall just for docking I will move it over closer to where dust collection can be I don't want to run another dust collection line.

    Finish upgrading my pneumatic quick couplers to I think they're type V the universal high flow Milton's I'm just going to get rid of the Harbor freight ones I need more air flow.

    I went and did something stupid and started a collection of Ryobi One+ cordless tools and batteries yes they had a sale and yes they were cheaper than the Harbor freight stuff that's what I get for buying it on Labor Day weekend... So yes I should probably build a cordless equipment station.

    I think I am going to keep my mortiser where it is and just build a rolling Multi drawer cart for the drill press. I'm not sure if I'm going to put the boxed handheld power drills indoors or hang them by their handles of the cases on the sides of the cabinet. But I want to be able to store the hand held power drill bits forster bits, various drilling accessories And the drilling and alignment jigs.
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