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  • Spray Foam insulation

    Just had the 3rd company here for an estimate (the first one kinda flaked out in contacting me, got an estimate from the second and now want another estimate).
    Waiting to hear what this one comes back at, but at least it is with a company that has been here for at least 40 years which gives me a better comfort level.

    Reviewed what needs to be done before spraying, so I still have a bit of work to get things tightened up.

    Electrical panel is supposed to be installed sometime next week, so then as soon as I can get the power company here to pull the line between the transformer and the shop I should be up and running. Will have the electric shop heater going as soon as temps look like they will get into the 40's and then (hopefully) contact one of the two companies to see who can get here to start spraying foam.

    Dagnabbit, I am determined to get working in the shop this winter, but power and insulation keep slowing me down.
    From the NW corner of Montana.

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    I’d be cautious spraying foam onto cold, possibly damp sheet metal. I’ve seen it peel off the ceiling of some metal buildings.

    My experience with spray foam in my shop has left me questioning some of their claims.


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      As mentioned in the original post, all three reviewed what needed to be done in order to spray. Part of that included providing me with requirements for wall metal temps and that I need to avoid any heat source that would put moisture in the air inside the shop. (i.e. propane space heater)
      Between my research and the information they provided - should be good to go.
      From the NW corner of Montana.


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        Holding my breath this evening. Electrician is supposed to be here at 10:00 tomorrow morning - and it has started snowing again.
        I did try heating the un-insulated shop with a propane space heater, which worked pretty well. Raised the temp from 32 to 40 in about 20 minutes, it then held that quite well taking about 90 minutes to drop back down to 34. So I'm thinking we are pretty air-tight at this point.
        From the NW corner of Montana.


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          Editing a comment
          I’m unsure what they talk about regarding moisture and spray foam. If I remember correctly the installer that did my shop spray foam said that they sometimes spray water with a pump up sprayer on extremely dry wood surfaces (like an old barn ) because it helped the foam adhere to the wood. The spray foam itself is very hot and it’s curing process also creates heat so maybe it creates moisture on the sheet metal to help it adhere to the metal. The foam spray is messy so if you have anything you don’t want foam on you best cover it with polly or move it.