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  • Now the fun begins

    Today a crew of five men and women delivered everything we had in storage for nearly the past 5 years.

    The items for the shop took over 50% of the crates and probably 75% of the weight. Nothing looks to be damaged except for the handle on the elevation wheel of my TS. I'm not sure if they ever moved tools this heavy before but everyone got lunch and went home with a tip. The guys helped me lift my tools onto their mobile bases. My garage floor is not very flat I've learned.

    The electrical cabling and conduit still haven't left the country we just left so I can't wire anything up. If I do need a big tool, I may do something temporary.

    Click image for larger version

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    Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together.
    The not so level floor just gives the place character, and what is a shop without a few home made power cords dangling around?
    What you trying to do? Build a shop better than Rob Kirby’s?


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      Present day Paul is questioning Younger Paul's decisions. Why didn't the ShopVac wheels and accessories get packed inside like the hose did? Oh, it must be in one of those boxes labeled "Tools"


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        I sold most of my tools before moving. I’ve been in the new house for 2.5 years and still making changes for room or ease of working.


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          Originally posted by Dedpedal View Post
          I sold most of my tools before moving. I’ve been in the new house for 2.5 years and still making changes for room or ease of working.
          Did I get flack from my wife that most of our storage weight was my shop? Yes.

          Did that prevent us from buying more stuff overseas? Yes.

          ​Do I have any regrets? No.

          I just quickly looked at the cost of my tools today. I would easily be paying 50% to maybe double what I originally paid for them. I am familiar with how these tools work; I liked them in the first place; I didn't want to reinvent the wheel.

          *We didn't pay to store or ship any of our stuff as long as we didn't exceed certain weight limits. If we did, I might have been more discerning with what was kept.


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            My parents visited yesterday and my Dad lent me his ratchet set. I finally got my cabinet saw back together. This morning I picked up a 10/3 jacketed cable and ran it directly from a new 30A breaker from the sub to a metal receptacle box. Changed the plug end on my TS to match and the saw is running again!

            I know I unpacked the mount for the blade guard a couple weeks ago but I cannot for the life of me find it! I've been through every box in the garage twice now!