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  • Garage door screen?

    Does anyone have a garage door screen? I've seen some fancy ones (>$1200) that mount in a track and slide up/down manually after the main door is opened. There are also <$100 ones (more my budget) that you manually roll up and down and are held in place with velcro and magnets. We live at the end of a cul de sac and the garage is down a long driveway so I won't mind working with the door open--just don't want bugs.

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    I had one of the velcro cheapos for my old shop that I picked up on amazon. It worked pretty well and I used it for two summers before we sold that house and it was cheap enough that it was left behind.

    Since the shop had two 9' wide garage doors,I put all the velcro strips on the exterior time of the door and I left it on all summer and opened and closed the door behind it. About mid summer of the first year, I put a 2x4 on the ground and stapled the bottom of the screen to it since the wind was blowing it up and mosquitos would find there way in in the evenings. At the end of the year, I rolled the screen up on the 2x4 and tossed it on a top shelf in the shop
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      I had one of the magnet ones for a few years. As long as the air keeps moving it is pretty nice working in the garage like that. But still hot. I now have AC... Which I just kicked on about 20 minutes ago. 105 deg F in the garage, Kick the AC on and just before sitting down it was at 85. Still a bit warm for my taste, but heading down quickly...The portable AC is actualy kind of awful, I still want a mini split heat pump, but the portable does work, it just needs more fan to work better, stir the air around so it can exchange the heat better.... And I need to source up a junk blanket as an insulator for the hot side exhaust hose...
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        One of my neighbors has a 4 door (I think 4) screen door tracks fitted inside the door frame of a 2 door car garage. They could get 2 automobiles in be moving the doors back and forth. I can’t recall seeing 2 cars inside at once, I believe they have a hot tub or pool table in the garage, it’s mostly to keep the children protected from bugs.