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    This is a wide angle picture from my painting contractor after he patched peeling drywall tape on the ceiling of my garage last year. It was bad. It's the only picture I've got right now and has the tenant's stuff in the way.

    The gray box on the back wall is the subpanel. What path would you take to run the conduit to the left and right side?

    For the right side, I'm going out the top of the panel, following the ceiling around the corner until I've gone past the window to the right of that entry door, down the side of the window (where there will be a new outlet for the AC) and then to the right.

    For the left side, I was thinking go left out of the panel so I'm above the countertop (the panel seems to be in a really inconvenient location, but I don't remember now), then down at the corner, and left to stay below the windows. Where I need outlets, I think I'd have to tee off the main trunk or just work with outlets that are at window sill height.

    I put my outlets 50" off the floor in my last shop. It was nice not to bend down and I could lean plywood against the wall, but it also restricted how low I could set my shelving.

    What height do you like your outlets and what do you think about the conduit run?

    Click image for larger version

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      For the shop I like my outlets at standard kitchen height of 42” inches. That will put them about 6” above a typical bench top and shouldn’t interfere with shelving.

      I won’t comment on the conduit because I’ve always cut holes in the Sheetrock and then patched and painted when I run wiring.
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        I would like to you if I told you I would run it in the wall with the sheetrock already there. I ripped mine out to add the wiring and insualtion. My sub panel is on the wall more or less behind
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