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    Hi Pappy,

    If it would help you, give me your scale (1-inch equals what dimension on your layout?) and I will scale my illustrations to match your scale and e-mail them to you or post them here. For my Corel Draw program, that's pretty simple. I don't know what your printing capabilities are, but I can also print you a sheet or two if you just want to cut them out; and, just let me know if you want specific tools.

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      CWS, I appreciate the offer but I think I am going to go old school. Lay out the barn floor on paper and make cut outs of all the tools, On a side note, I did find a decent room planner on line that has a basic free version. We are going through a major rearranging/remodel of the house and I don't want to move furniture any more than necessary. Unfortunately the tool icons are severally limited.
      Don, aka Pappy,

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        I just started looking into this, too, and found this below. The YouTube explains how to use the PDF/PowerPoint files which you download and copy/paste to move your tools around.

        Not as snazzy as the Grizzly shop planner, but at least it works.


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          This same question was asked on the Festool Owner's Group site and one of the members there mentioned that they used OpenOffice Draw (which is free)

          I threw together a quick crude template last night of woodshop tools and the initial results are shown below. This is base on what's in or has been in my shop that I could remember.

          Woodshop Template.pdf

          Is there any interest in this, and if so, what tools am I missing that people would want to include in a shop layout.
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            If you want to stay in OpenOffice, check out the link I included above. There's a link to a PDF and PowerPoint in there that already has several to-scale models of many tools. You could ask the author if you can copy them, and if allowed, convert the file to OpenOffice format.