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    I am trying to figure out a workable layout for a small shop. We are getting ready to sell our house and go full time in an RV. Where we are going to set up our home base I will have 2 outbuildings. One is an 8x8 that will be dedicated for her crafts room. the other one will be split into a 8x8 or so storage room and the rest will be a small wood shop. The Grizzly shop planner is down and no estimation when or if it will be back. anyone know of any basic, simple to use, shop layout programs? Every link that came up on a search turned out to be dead.
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    8x8? Wow... Okay well.... Honstly you need to think in 3D space, so Sketchup. However the Sketchup Web stinks, you want the desktop version and they started charging quite a bit for it.

    Please keep us posted on the progress...

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      I've used Visio with a set of templates created by Harvey Chute many years ago. His site has been offline for at least a decade, but I have the templeate and can send it if you have a working copy of Visio
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        I would be interested in that visio template as well.


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          I am interested in the visio template.... I have a working copy but its some years old.
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            The file is attached. The template is from Visio 93 or 97, so it should work with any version of Visio imaginable.
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