Do I have too many drill bits?

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  • Do I have too many drill bits?

    Here is my drill bit drawer.
    Doesn't include the 115 pc set on top of the cabinet and the 7-piece brad bit set that is always on a tray next to the drill press and the boxes of forstners on the shelf above the tool chest.
    The top drawer has a bunch of loose specialty bits, marking and measuring tools and some small bit sets and some countersink and VIX sets.

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    I don’t think you have too any. Where is the box of loose bits that need sharpening?


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      I have to buy those packs of small bits (1/8" and smaller) because those are the ones I break often and are difficult to sharpen. I have several packs of those. I have a nearly 20 year old Drill Doctor 750 and it keeps my bits sharp.

      I also have:
      2 sets of the 115 bits - 1 TiN, and one Cobalt.
      5 sets of HF 29 bit set: 3 TiN regular, 1 TiN 118, 1 Cobalt
      1 set of Five 1ft? long bits
      2 sets of Metric bits.
      NUMEROUS Pen making bits

      I have 4 sets of the 29 bit set as they are my general use GoTo bits. I keep 1 in my travel tool box; 1 for use when people want to borrow or use one or two of my bits here; 1 as a backup, Plus the other two speciality ones. The 3 sets of regular TiN were all purchased when HF had sales and they were $9.99, which now they are $12.99 or 14.99 I think.

      I use my cobalt when drilling steel or iron, and sometimes the TiN 118 split point. There are times when I use the 115 bit set for pen making or for special size and special fit. I keep a laminated multi-page chart of drill bit size in a note book and refer to it often for precision sizing.

      Hank Lee

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        Lee, FWIW, I have an entire drawer in my old Craftsman mechnaics tool roll around box that is nothing but misc drill bits, taps, and dies from when I used to manage a hardware store that got shut down. This was the leftover junk that never went anywhere, and I just don't have the heart to get rid of it... I REALLY need to purge this junk
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          Loring, I'd be happy to store some of your extra bits for you…

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