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    Relay box


    Over the years i've posted a number of things. one popular one was the relay booster box. this allowed a 1-15 A trigger to operate a high current and or high voltage device like the bigger dust collectors 20 or more amp and 120 or 240 volts.. The trigger was from another high current tool like a table saw. this prevented the DC and the TS from working off the same breaker. or to use a low current remote - most don't like big motor loads - to control the DC, or to use different voltages

    The instructions are reposted thanks to Relative who stored them in his server prior to SDZ allowing PDF files.
    I am putting them back in the SDZ forum attachments here

    the instrctions cover three versions
    • Tool switch controlling relay with separate 120 V power
    • remote control controlling 120 V relay
    • remote switch controlling 220 V relay
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    I used Loring's instructions to build my own relay for my HF DC. It worked great. My DC had melted the switch (again) and I used the relay to bypass it as well as give me remote control capability.