Which table to put the router into

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    Which table to put the router into

    I have a dedicated router cabinet with the Rockler top/fence. I hate everything about it, so I'm going to move it. I could put it...

    On the extension table for the Unisaw. It's plenty big. I could then use the "off" side of the Biesemeyer fence as the router fence. Just replace the standard face with a routing face. I absolutely never use the fence on the left of the blade, and in fact don't even have enough of the bar over there to do that. The extension is just so-so as far as being solid. It's on good legs, but is just made of mid-grade melamine with a light frame. The location is nice because it's in a place with plenty of room , however the Delta overhead arm does pose a restriction in movement.

    On a cast iron extension wing. I wouldn't be able to use the existing fence, but all it takes is money to buy something nicer, right? This should be plenty solid, plus then improve my ability to send full or large sheets through the saw. I think this seems like a great solution, just the most expensive one.

    Miter saw stand... I'm going to build a mid-size cabinet-style miter saw stand. Its fence could very well become a router fence too, with minor mods to the normal SCMS fence arrangement. Not sure if this is a great idea.

    In any case, I *will* be getting the handwheel-adjustable router lift.