Drawer Dividers

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  • leehljp
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    Drawer Dividers

    When I was in Japan, there were a lot of "100 Yen" shops around and some of them had unique drawer dividers that I used. I have not seen any in the US although I have looked and even searched on Amazon. About a year ago, I found some but they were shipped from China. Now there is another available on Amazon and the China ones ship in days instead of weeks as before.

    Here are the links to the Amazon dividers:




    What I like about these dividers are the degree to which they can be adjusted, changed and re-used in the same drawer. Simple idea and they work well. In Japan I had choices of two heights - 3cm and 5 cm, and they were about 18 inches long for wider drawers.
    Hank Lee

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  • JimD
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    Looks neat. Thinking of making some out of scrap wood this afternoon, however.