Big Box Shed?

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  • Cochese
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    • Jun 2010
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    Big Box Shed?

    This is only a half-serious question, so don't spend a lot of time thinking about it.

    Home Depot is clearing out their display sheds. There is a two-story and a 12x16 for 40% off. The 12x16 comes in at $2400. Now, I have no idea if they would deliver it for that price, and I would still have to do the site prep before I even thought about it. Looks decent enough, ridge vent and end vents, roof trusses could probably do with an upgrade, but it would hold up to most uses.

    I'm just wondering at that price, box store or not, is it worth it at that point to build something yourself? I don't have any idea what materials would run. It's just been a frustrating couple of days back out in the shop trying to fit 10 pounds in a five pound sack. I know I'm not building anything while I'm back at school, and that's nearly two more years.

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  • Bill in Buena Park
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    If this 12x16 is similar to a TuffShed, sounds like a good deal - especially since you can save yourself the effort of making a building, and spend that time on setting up your shop. Wish I had the room to do this.

    Not sure what you plan to do for site prep, or what that will cost. You'll want a separate subpanel on that, hopefully that would only cost half the price of the shed; but if you can drop in a shop that will meet your needs for around $5K, sounds like good deal.
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    • capncarl
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      I've seen that shed at several friends houses. It dresses up nicely. We also had one on a hunting club deer camp that served well. I think you would be hard pressed to build it cheape than that. I'm not sure I've heard anyone say if it was delivered or built on site by a hd affiliate. Either way, the price is right.


      • jAngiel
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        • Oct 2003
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        I looked at that one a couple of years ago and liked it. It was full price then and it was more than I wanted to spend. I decided to build my own, it's pretty similar to that one but I left off a couple features and I spent about $1800 building it. At 40% off I would buy it as that difference is well worth not having to build it yourself. It was fun to build but if I could get the same thing already built I'd do it.


        • poolhound
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          • Mar 2006
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          As far as site prep goes, having just retrofitted proper footings for my soon to be new shop (14x18 exterior) I can say that the cost was approx $400 including concrete, rebar, sonotubes, 2x6s & ties/fittings. That may have included the rental of the concrete mixer also although not the 6 packs and burgers that were required to feed the helpers on mix day

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