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  • twistsol
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    • Dec 2002
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    New shop building is complete

    This is my 1000th post.
    It took almost two years, but the shop building is now complete. Had a bit of a hectic winter and spring. My mom had a stroke on New year's eve and after two months at Mayo clinic, three months months in a nursing home getting additional physical therapy, and a month living with my sister and continued therapy, she's now back at home with my dad and they are doing quite well for 87 and 90 year olds.

    The previous thread on the shop build is here:

    The mason finished his part of the new garage Saturday morning. Here's the progress thus far.

    Sheetrock was finished on November 30, 2012 and the first three pictures were taken on December 31st after the mudding and taping on the walls and ceiling were complete, the ceiling was textured, I still need more practice at that, and the walls painted.

    I've started moving my tools in last weekend and here are a bunch of photos that were taken today. Nothing is hooked up yet and I still need to figure out dust collection



    Clamp Rack

    Ultimate tool stand which has been in progress for a decade.

    Drill Press, needs some rust abatement

    Dust Collector, this is on the list to be upgraded

    Router Table

    Planer and Jointer

    Sheet Goods storage

    Lumber Rack

    My dad's old Dewalt Black and Decker RAS which needs alot of work

    The Kapex

    Safety gear

    And my Band Saw

    My BT3100 with a wide table kit and router table

    Finally, the exterior with the lights on it.
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    • Dec 2002
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    great shop space. Kapex = "Capital Expenditure" = Festool CMS?

    Size, looks like about 25' x 25'? 625 Sq ft?
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    Loring in Katy, TX USA
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    • Knottscott
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      That's a monumental 1000th post! Congrats....the shop looks great, and I'm jealous as heck!
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      • thestinker
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        • Oct 2005
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        Super nice!!!
        Awww forget trying to fix it!!!! Lets just drink beer


        • atgcpaul
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          • Aug 2003
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          Very nice! All that light must be great.

          How far do you have to go from the house to get to the shop?

          How will you heat it in the winter?


          • Pappy
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            • Dec 2002
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            • San Marcos, TX, USA.
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            Fantastic shop. Looking at the layout diagram, I was also trying to figure out the size.
            Don, aka Pappy,

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            • Bill in Buena Park
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              • Nov 2007
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              Sweet shop space. Looks to be about 25x25? Do you plan to run ducting for the dc or keep the dc mobile?
              Bill in Buena Park


              • Denco
                • Mar 2003
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                That is a very beautiful shop!
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                • twistsol
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                  • Dec 2002
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                  • Cottage Grove, MN, USA.
                  • Ridgid R4512, 2x ShopSmith Mark V 520, 1951 Shopsmith 10ER

                  The shop is 25'4" x 24'6" on the inside and 28x26 foundation footprint. 25x25 is about as accurate a guess as you can get without a tape measure.

                  It's about 110' from the back door of the house to the door of the shop.

                  I have a Dayton G73 electric heater. My highest electric bill for the shop was $175 last winter and that was before the attic insulation was in. We also had a much colder than normal winter. I'm guessing around $100 to $150 a month to heat it. It's on its own 200amp service because the panel at the house is full.

                  I do plan on running DC piping and upgrading the dust collector. I put in a 30amp 220v line on the wall in the corner where the DC is so the plan is to get a 2-3 hp cyclone in the future. I'll be relying on the little DC650 and shop vacs for the foreseeable future. Three kids in college is putting a damper on the budget

                  I may have gone overboard on the lighting, but better too much than too little. There are 20 can lights in the ceiling and two eight foot banks of track lighting with spots. I did notice that I have a light out when posting the pictures. My brother in law has my ladders and scaffold so I have no way to change it at the moment.
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                  • Cochese
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                    • Jun 2010
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                    **** of a shop. Be proud.
                    I have a little blog about my shop


                    • BadeMillsap
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                      • Dec 2005
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                      I know the feeling of "new shop pride" and "man I'm glad it's done" very well!!

                      Looks great ... now go work IN the shop instead of ON the shop ... best feeling there is!!
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                      • LinuxRandal
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                        • Feb 2005
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                        Looks good. I have to ask, how do you like that v drum sander? Were the plans accurate, or did you have to modify them?
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                        • gsmittle
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                          • Aug 2004
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                          Originally posted by twistsol
                          [snip] Three kids in college is putting a damper on the budget
                          Yeah, that's true!

                          Oh, and YOU SUCK!!!!!


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                          • Black wallnut
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                            • Jan 2003
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                            Nice shop! Looking forward to seeing your posts in finished projects.
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                            • jussi
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                              • Jan 2007
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                              Awesome looking shop.
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