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  • Recent shop upgrades progress...

    As many of you know I am slowly but surely building up my shop, and my skills. I thought I would share my most up to date projects as they are with you...

    Most of what you will see is either organization, or dust collection related. What can I say? I am fighting a war against clutter and dust.

    First off, I managed to get the Grizzly G0572 hanging air filter with remote installed and working. This thing is AMAZING. Very quiet and more than enough to change the air often on low, on high it provides a nice cooling breeze in my sweat shop... And no it's not your imagination. Those 2x4s are mounted at a 12.5 degree angle from the wall per Grizzly's directions, to try to get the air in the shop moving in a circular motion. It works, and I must say, it works well..

    The Closetmaid closeout lumber rack is finally in place. Now the stock that is there is crap, but that is another story all together. If you don't recall, I picked the standards and brackets for this up at Lowes on clearance. I think I paid something like $2.50 per piece... If even that much... I installed them using 3" coated deck screws (what I had on hand) directly to the studs.

    I will try to bring in a newer photo here soon. But the stuff that was hanging where the lumber rack is now, got moved to the other wall, a second, shorter shelf got installed directly over the water softener tank, and holds measuring, marking, and sanding tools. The small parts bins, and router bit cabinets got installed in this space as well.

    My Thien separator got in the inlet and outlets upsized to 5", and the inlet moved to a side inlet configuration. This allowed me to use the OEM 5x4x4 wye from the HF DC to split to 2 4" lines so that I could pull from both the bottom AND top of the table saw, and router wing. .

    I ran one branch of 4" down along the wall, feeding blast gates for a cross floor branch for the table saw, and router, a floor sweep, the band saw, the drill press, and the lathe. (I have since eliminated the extra S&D nipple, and attached the short flex jumper DIRECTLY to the blast gate...)

    The Shark Guard 10.4 "Mega Mouth" that I got from Lee earlier this year is installed, and partially hooked up...

    The overhead line that feeds the workbench is installed...

    Work completed since the last pic has been running the drop for the shark guard, and capping the end of that run.

    There is still a good deal of work that needs to get done before I can call it done.

    #1. Finish cleaning the floor of misc junk, cutoffs, and other various space suckers.
    #2. Install the drops for the desired planer / jointer combo machine, and the floor sweep. I kind of forgot those runs. They were intended to go in, I just forgot them...
    #3. Disassemble segment between band saw and drill press, and move drill press drop over 12" to the right. There isn't enough space there right now and these tools bang into each other.
    #4. Install the across the floor run, and drops for the bottom end of the table saw, and router wing.

    Yes this DOES get in the way of pulling sheet rock and insulating. I talked this over with an insulation contractor, and simply put, I am going to have blown in insulation installed, so I just need to make room for their stuff on an as needed basis... Also I am planning on surface running the electrical...

    The small parts bins, and router cabinets are in need of some redoing, but I will get there, well.. when I get there. That's just the progress so far!
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    Man, that's really looking like a wood shop! Nicely organized, well llit. It will be interesting to see some mid-project pics to see how the organization holds up.



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      Looks like it is coming along nicely. You sure that air cleaner is at 12 1/2 degrees? I think it's more like 13 or so.

      I used that closetmaid stuff in my storage addition. You might consider some end protectors on those lower brackets. I put in some shorter brackets on my upper ones as I got tired of hitting them with my head and shoulders. With your sheet goods right below I'm sure you'll try to impale yourself a few times while sorting through them. I know I would (and have).


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        I was thinking about Plasti-Dip for the brackets. I have already jabbed myself pretty good on the lumber rack..

        No I am not sure of the angle. It was measured by scientifically calibrated eyeball method. It works though...

        A pending project is going to be a swing out sheet goods rack, but I have other things to get done first...

        And no, the lathe doesn't stay there, it just hasn't been moved to its home yet...

        Yeah the lighting is really working in there...

        Don't worry, I will keep you guys posted on how things evolve... Even if I have to just temporarily shove things off to the side for now, I need to get going on some clock builds for Christmas. I want to make a few mantle clocks out of Mesquite to send to family in Oregon for Christmas this year. I am hoping and praying that one of these years they will return the favor by way of sending me Myrtle burl turning blanks...
        Please like and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Please check out and subscribe to my Workshop Blog.