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Overarm DC Beware Kirbyites and 56k!!

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  • Overarm DC Beware Kirbyites and 56k!!

    This started with a two fold purpose to give my BT3 more weight for use with thw Hercu-lift and for better dust collection with the saw. The weight problem is solved...the dust collection is better but not as much as I had hoped.

    I ran across this site one day while Googling Dust Collection..

    down about the middle of the page is a shop made overarm collector...I liked the idea and since I had a bunch of 2 and 3 inch pipe I pulled out of the dumpster I thought I'd try it.

    First I closed off the bottom of my stand with some particle board(free) and some hardboard I got outta the BORG cull bin. Nothing fancy but servicable and added needed weight. The back comes off thanks to the screw/nut combo thingys I found at work.

    Next I went about making the upright and hose connections for everything. Once again nothing too fancy but its solid..wish I could find the thread for the rail cross support so I could give credit where its due...its a great idea I borrowed to hold the upright in place.

    Next I used my B/S and cut out some circles to fit just inside the 3" pipe then cut the centers out to fit the 2inch pipe..the centers were the hardest part to do because of the OD of the 2 inch pipe..I ended up cutting the center out with a 1 1/2" hole saw and then routing the center to the right size by slowly adjustening the fence opening on my router table and running the OD of the circle against the 2 sides of the fence with the router bit in the middle of the circle. As I spread the fence more it would remove just a bit untill I got a good tight it.

    I just sanded the inside of the 3" to 2" reducer until I got a nice smooth fit and pushed it into the 3" Y. I expected to have to brace it across and install a lockknob at the top like the guy in the linked site did so it would stay level but after installing it theres no need...stays nice and level at this length.

    And here it pushed to the right outta the way.

    Now I only have the GMC DC so I dont have much suction but it will hold up this piece of 1/4 ply...

    I have to say it works just ok...gets about half of the dust maybe...hers a couple of pics after making some cuts in mdf and ply..

    but for the $50.00 or so I've got in it its way better the it was with nothing. With a real DC with one line hooked to to top Y and another hooked to the bottom I bet it would be great!! Hopefully that will happen this spring as I just don't have the room for a bigger DC now as you can see..

    but that is soon gonna change!!!!
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    Thats pretty impressive!
    Dennis K Howard
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      Looks Great!

      I have 2 questions:

      1: Is the base totally sealed, and the open part of th hose where the dc hooks up?

      2: How does the her-cu-liift fit with out a cross member removed from the stand?


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        The Fork in the Road

        I think you might want to add a T instead of a Y connector.

        I could be wrong, but you are asking the airflow to take a corner less than 90 degrees.

        Am I right? Am I reading the pic right?

        What do I know? I am just a DAP. Dumb A$$ Painter. Not a woodworker.

        But it is right up my alley. Trash picking.


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          Sorry to take so long to get back to a reply but wanted to try a few tweaks before I responded.

          Alex the base is closed...sealed is not really the right word as I didn't caulk or weatherstrip anything by any means. The hardboard is tucked pretty tight along the bottom by the particle board and held against the base by the leg bolts but its open completly to the bottom of the saw.

          The lift fits just fine with all the crossbars in place I just bend down and push the release with my hand instead of my foot and it falls down on its wheels.

          Mike you are correct and I even tried it but I like the Y better because it seems to direct more suction to the Shark then with the T. The saw blade seems to create pretty good air flow on its own which you might have noticed if ya ever made a cut without suction attached..LOL

          I used it quite a bit Wed night and it works pretty good unless you're just trimming and edge then the dust slips out under the side..gonna maybe try to rig up some kinds skirt to see if it may help.
          The truth is just the truth.


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            If you are looking for almost dust free operation this saw curtain worked well for me (with a Shark of coarse):