I kinda liked this no lathe chess board and piece video -

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    possibly but they don't protrude to get caught on anything. I mean you could probably break them with a thumbnail inserted but it would be deliberate. They wouldn't break from being dropped or slid hard across the board on their sides.

  • twistsol
    I think the thin band beneath the crowns of the king and the queen would break off pretty easily. Particularly if you are playing against a sore loser.

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    I thought it was kind of ridiculous to plane a half inch chessboard down to 1/8" or 1/16th inch veneer and glue it to MDF.

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  • cwsmith
    I like it too!

    While I'm sure that I could make it, I don't have all the equipment that this guy has; what a shop! That huge belt sander would ideal for the chess board.

    I always wanted to make a chess set, but don't have the lathe or time. Making the pieces other than turned is an option though. (I got my first chess set when I was nine, I've had a few over the years. Hard to find, is someone to play with though!

    Thanks for posting this Loring


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  • I kinda liked this no lathe chess board and piece video -

    Pretty much a table saw project.

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