Need is pressing, idea in the head, time to collect the stuff...M&T table.

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  • Need is pressing, idea in the head, time to collect the stuff...M&T table.

    I don't do much in the way of Mortise and Tenon joinery mostly out of hte extreme hassle I find cutting tenons to be. To be blunt I typically have to set up the table saw with the Dado stack, set the width I want, set the depth, make a test tenon on a scrap piece the right size and test, make my adjustments, test again, adjust, test, THEN I am ready for the mortiser.

    The new Kreg bandsaw fence has me feeling a bit adventurous, and I mentioned in the What did you do today thread I am needing a small table for the 3D printer. Now I KNOW I could just do simple dowel joinery for all the stress this will endure, but I want a M&T project off of the bandsaw.

    So I need to cobble together a design, but figure it this way, 20x24 table top out of 3/4" ply that gets banded. Not sure if I am going to solid wood band or veneer band the top. Probably solid wood so I can do a decoartive routed profile.

    Base would be a basice box end table type, with top spreaders, and stretchers maybe 6" off the floor with a rabbet to receive a since 3/4" panel.

    I am NOT planning on going high dollar for materials here, the ply I already have is white oak, and honestly I am thinking about just going to McCoys and sourcing up some kiln dried 2x4 stock. Cost more than Home Despot but I can at least get lumber that is straight and has a chance of staying that way...

    This begs the ultimate dumb question...


    The room the stand / table will be going into is my studio / home office. I have an L shaped desk with a gray "oak" top and black steel frame, a white leather / black frame executive chair, and green screen green walls.

    I am actually considering doing some serious sanding down to at least 320,, laying on a coat or two of primer and smoothing between coats and then spraying on a couple of coats of gloss white enamel.

    I know it sounds dumb, but this room is not exactly the place for natural, or even stained finishes...
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    Tenons are doable on the bandsaw. Do you have a mortiser?

    Small projects are good for learning and practicing techniques. Joinery like M&T and finishing.
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      Editing a comment
      Yes I do have a mortiser. An old Central Machinery mortiser I had gotten in trade for a curb find Delta miter saw I picked up, cleaned up, and threw a fresh blade on.... Long old story but yes, it is there... Just on the right of my miter saw cabinet

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    Well progress so far is 0%. I still need to source up the 2x stock to work with. Yes I am going to do this out of construction grade lumber. Like I said McCoys sells kiln dried 2x stock so if the stuff is gonna twist it already has...

    My design is REALLY straight forward, and yes admittedly a little wasteful of wood as I am planning on just planing down to 1" thick. Legs 2x2, stretchers 1x2, 2 tiers, 24x24 top....

    To do first.

    Home Replace the switch the workshop. I mashed it and now the lights flicker.
    Forum Go to McCoys and get the 2x stock. . Probably use a couple of 2x6s to get what I need out of it.

    Once the table is done, I THEN get to set up the 3D printer and get after those miter fence ends... I've actually got at least 10 items slated to be printed. I think this thing will be very handy considering a lot of the older plastic parts for the BT are out of production and no longer available....
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      Time no longe prressing. To insure I had it together and tested within the return period I put the machine together, it is a LOT smaller than the product description says. The product description must be talking about the packaging...

      Anyway, it does need a side table but that should be pretty easy to do the build AFTER I get my offices rearranged so that both my beautiful bride and I can be working comfortably...
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        Though I like M&T joinery, I haven't used it for what I would call 'finished furniture'. I've used it to make knock-down benches for my radial arm saw and router table. The tenons I rough cut on my RAS and then finished on the router table. The motises I cut by hand with a mortise chisel. The first table I just used the mortise chisel, but afterwards I used the drill press and finished them with the chisel. Both tables are thru-mortises with longer tenons that I used wedges on to lock the legs tight. That way, I could take them apart which makes them easier to move. Below is a picture of my router table base.


        Click image for larger version

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