My wife hates my desk. I hate the offerings....

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  • My wife hates my desk. I hate the offerings....

    My wife already wants to swipe the L corner desk I have setup in the home office for her office. No big deal, but she wants me to put a desk in the office lacking a hutch. I could use one without the PC cabinet as I have my computers racked in the closet, and without hte built in filing cabinet, or hutch.

    I am thinking of something more akin to an audio engineers workstation. I need room for my personal PC console and KVM extender, along with my work PC, docking station, keyboard, mouse and dual monitors, so 3 monitors on one desk.

    I think the idea should bea tier with the keyboards and mice, no slide outs, and then risers for the monitors, Some sort of mounting arrangement and cable management for the dock, and work laptop.

    The other things I need to support are...

    Home Audio mixer. Behringer Xenyx 1202FX (small 12 port like a Mackie).
    Forum Boom mic stand and condenser mic.
    Blogs Studio monitors and headset mounts.

    You guys do remember I do audio / video as a hobby as well as woodworking right?

    Anyway, looking at pre made desgns as well as DIY ideas. Anyone that has a clue what I am talking about. Could you please link me to any desks or designs that would fit the bill?
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    1. Who makes the money that pays the mortgage, utility bills, car payment, Dr. Bills, fuel bills , groceries, clothing?
    2. Does she have an office?


    • dbhost

      Editing a comment
      1. As of 2 weeks ago, we both do. She was unemployed for 4 years and is just now getting back to work. Long painful story...
      2. The other bedroom. 4 br house, no kids, So yes, we are trying to finalize comfortable workspaces for both of us. I do agree the hutch on this desk is lunky in this room, won't be any less lunky in the room she wants it to go in, but I could do without hte built in filing cabinet. The setup I need is wierd and tents more towrad digital production that home office. 2 full computer setups, a desktop, and laptop, 3 monitors, sound board, microphone etc... This desk doesn't really fit my needs. THe office I am in is painted Green Screen Green and the desk is stained Espresso. I basically need an open frame L Deskwith risers for the monitors, and 2 keyboard trays. I can do that...

      I'd rather not start from scratch right now as I am trying to do something quickly, and inexpensively... Every time I see someone throwing an old particle board compuer desk to the curb I swipe the slides, so I can cadd the keyboard trays and make them as wide as I want unlike the factory ones that will fit a keyboard but not a keyboard AND a mouse...

      Oh, and if I ditch the hutch, I have room on the wall to hang the Les Paul (Copy, Firefly FFLP)
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